Tsirang Forest Division hands over the 40th CF Ownership Certificate in Tsirang Dzongkhag.

22nd September 2017: Tsirang Forest Division has handed over the CF ownership certificate to Daragoan Forest management Group (CFMG) on September 21, 2017, at Daragoan village under Rangthaling Geog, Tsirang Dzongkhag. The certificate was handed over by Chief Forestry Officer, Tsirang Forest Division to Chairperson Daragoan CFMG. With award of this certificate, the Divisional Office has handed over 40 CF ownership certificates to communities in Tsirang Dzongkhag. The program was attended by CFO, Forestry Officials, Local Government leaders, Geog officials, chairperson and members of Daragoan CFMG. Refreshment was served to attendees by Divisional Office.Daragoan Community Forest is the fifth Community Forest (CF) under Rangthangling Geog in Tsirang Dzongkhag. It covers an area of 100.38 hectares (247.93acres). The CF has been divided into 3 blocks for the proper management and to make accessible to every members of the group. The majority of CF area encompasses young tree stand of Schima wallichii, Alnus nepelensis and Austrodis paniculata. The CF has been established as they could not join the membership of Sungchop CF located in the same Chiwog. The communities from Daragoan village of Rangthangling Chiwog, Samalgoan village of Nyemesa Chiwog under Rangthangling gewog and two households from Reserboo CF under Mendrelgang gewog have initiated the CF.

The overall objectives of the CFMG to establish community forest are:

  1. To protect, utilize and manage CF resources sustainably,
  2. To improve open and degraded areas in CF,
  3. To generate income for the group.

The average basal area of the community forest is 11 m2/ ha, which indicates some potential for timber harvesting over the plan period (2017 to 2027). Members will share all CF products equally. The timber extraction will be based on singletree selection system and other CF resources shall be harvested on sustainable basis, adopting suitable management prescriptions and collection guidelines. Besides harvesting, they will also carry out many developmental works such as plantation in degraded areas, waste management, water source protections etc. within the CF for the fulfillment of the CF objectives.

Submitted by: Tsirang Forest Division