Third Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting for Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR)

February 14-15, 2018 – The Watershed Management Division organized the third TWG meeting for the Scoping Study on Water Source Drying Up at Metta resort, Paro.  The two days’ workshop discussed on the overall technical framework, criteria for site selection, workplan for 2018-2019 and collaborations with ICIMOD for technical support.

RGOB་ has received a grant of USD 1.5 million in support of the preparation of the Strategic Program for Climate Resilience. This Preparatory Project – Scoping Study on Water Sources Drying-Up – is one of the five technical Projects approved for the Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR).

This Preparatory Project will explore the causes of why water sources are drying up across the country. Reports of water sources drying up have been coming from across the Himalaya for several years. Most reports have been anecdotal, with very little empirical evidence to support the claims and interventions.

The outcomes of this Project will provide empirical evidence to design interventions for climate adaptation in the water sector. This will help central and local government policy makers and practitioners, and civil society organizations make informed decisions on how to safeguard investments made in the food – water – energy nexus through climate –resilient practices.

Watershed Management Division