Training on Operational Planning in Punakha

A four-day training on “Operational Plan Preparation for Forest Management Units (FMU)” is currently being held in Punakha. The training is attended by 38 participants from the field offices including Planners from the Division, Unit In-charge (FMU) and Production Manager (NRDCL).

The training is provided to keep them updated on the changing needs and technical know-how of Sustainable Forest Management to enable them to prepare a robust annual Operational Plans of the FMU. The need of the training is felt more so to train new FMU planners and Unit In-charges in the field and mainly focuses on preparation of Annual Operational Plans of the FMUs, formats for plan preparation, technical needs, information needs for the OP preparation and preparation of maps through GIS.

The training is organized from 5-8, October 2018 by the Forest Resources Management Division with funding from the REDD+ program under Watershed Management Division for REDD+.

Forest Resources Management Division