Tsirang Forest Division Launches PHPA II Compensatory Plantation in Community Forests

Coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen and World Environment Day for Bhutan, Chief Forestry Officer (CFO), Tsirang Forest Division has launched of the PHPA II compensatory plantation in Community Forest Project at Semjong Geog, Tsirang Dzongkhag. The 50 Ha plantation is dedicated to Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen Jetsuen Pema Wangchuck, the Royal Patron for Environment.

Tsirang Forest Division observed the day with Geog administration, Public, teachers and students of Semjong Geog, Tsirang Dzongkhag. Officials from Tsirang Forest Division, Local Geog Administrations, public, teachers, students and CFMG members of Semjong Geog attended the program.

The CFO thanked their majesties who have ensured us the abundance of forest and natural resources. She further highlighted that forest degradation is inevitable for developing nation like ours, which poses multi-dimensional threats in the long run. Therefore, she urged all colleagues, Geog Administration, CFMGs and students to work further for the protection and rehabilitation of our forest for Green Tsirang and Green Bhutan.

Tsirang Forest Division has secured Nu. 3.2 million (2 year project period) under PHPA II compensatory plantation. Around 50 Ha of barren, denuded and degraded land in Community Forests will be brought under plantation across 12 Geogs under Tsirang Dzongkhag. This year, a total of 25 Ha plantations covering 15 Community Forest will be carried out and remaining 25 Ha plantations will be carried out next year.

A total of 40,000 seedlings will be planted in 25 Ha areas this year. Species such as Champ, Teak, Gamari, Panisaj, Walnut and Anagaray will be planted. With this project, Community will be able to re-stock the barren and denuded Community Forest area with economic species. This is basically important since most of the valuable species are highly depleted and necessary to re-stock for future needs of the community.

On the day, 2 ha of barren and degraded land at Dangregang Community Forest was planted with 3200 numbers of Champ, Tsenden, Walnut, Gamri and Teak saplings by 150 participants to mark the day.16 DeSuup and 4 Forestry staff also carried out maintenance of 1 Ha plantation at Dhajay DeSuup Tendrel Plantation site. The activities such as weeding, cleaning, and casualty replacement were done. 50 numbers of Tshenden and Guli saplings were planted. The Tendrel Plantation was established in 2016. The survival percentage of this plantation is 72%.

Similarly, 39 members of Reserboo Community Forest and 4 staff carried out maintenance at Riserboo Tendrel Plantation and casualty replacement were done as well. The survival percentage for this plantation is 97%. Likewise, Students, Teachers, Geog Administration, Forestry staff and CFMG members carried out 2 Ha of new plantation in Dhajay Community Forest. A total of 1600 numbers of Champ, Tsenden, Walnut and Gamari saplings were planted by 150 participants to mark the auspicious day.

Tsirang Territorial Division