Herds of Takin sighted under Paro Forest Division

A team of foresters from Paro Division during their recent cordycep duty recorded two herds of Takin (Budorcus taxicolar whitei), each with a herd size of 40 and 18 individuals respectively. They were found grazing near Nubri Lena and Dule villages close to Bhutan-China international boundary. As per the foresters, they were unable to count small calves due to lack of equipment like binoculars and cameras however they used their mobile phones to capture the images of the herd.


Mrs. Yangzo from Nubri Lena village stated that Takins usually graze nearby their community during July-August months and move towards lower elevation during autumn and winter seasons. The recent Takin survey under the division recorded only one sighting of a lone male above Lhading Goenpa. Further, another male takin was also observed at Chelela by Mr. Francis SFS student in November 2017. Beside, the actual sightings, numerous signs of Takin were observed all the way from Chelela across BC-01 till Chumphu region which significantly proves that Paro Forest Division is a prime habitat for our National animal.

Tshering, Wildlife Conservation Unit