FMU inventory training in Wangdue

A two days training workshop on FMU inventory was conducted in Lobeysa on the 3rd and 4th September 2018. The workshop was attended by 22 participants from Wangdue Forest Division from various ranges offices under their jurisdiction. The participants were trained on FMU Inventory Methodology , Use of Collect Mobile for Data collection  and use of SW map on Day I. Further logistics for the impending inventory was discussed.



Day  II mainly focused on the practical sessions on the use of field equipments and data collection for the inventory as presented in Day I.  The Chief Forestry Officer, FRMD thanked all participants for taking part in the training workshop and informed that a team from FRMD will join them in carrying out the field inventory works.  In total, five teams comprising of four team from Wangdue Division and  the mobile inventory crew of FRMD will conduct the FMU inventory for Khotokha FMU in September. The two-day training workshop was jointly organized by FRMD and Wangdue Division.



Forest Resources Management Division