Flowering of bamboos along sub-tropical forest of Sarpang

Mass flowering of Cephalostachyum latifolium is observed in Sarpang. It is followed by mass seeding and death of bamboo plants in a wide area. Mass seeding of this bamboo has been recorded from three gewogs (i.e. Darachu and Pathiwara in Gakidling; Daeneydhap and ridges of Sherubling chewog under Chudzom and Ashiney and Ghopidara in Jigmecholing gewog). It was observed by a team of foresters from Sarpang Forest Division dated 10th March, 20th May and 10th June of 2018 during camera trap survey under Zero Poaching project. Similarly, there are sighting and evidence of C. latifolium seeding across an elevation ranges (1500-2000 masl) in other Division and Parks.




Contact Jigme Tenzin, Sarpang Division (jigmetenzin16@gmail.com) for further information/details on the phenology and history on bamboo flowering in Sarpang.