Payment for Environmental Services scheme established in Tsirang

A contractual agreement was drawn between the service providers and the users in association to drinking water in Tsirang on 22/07/2019. The service providers (Members of Thakhorling Community Forest Management Group (CFMG) and Khuchi Darachu Community Forest Management Group under Patsaling geog) and the service users (public residing in Damphu Municipal area under Kikhorthang geog) signed the agreement in the presence of Hon’ble Dasho Dzongda, Dzongkhag Administration Tsirang (DAT) and other intermediaries. Having water shortage, Pawkhola serve as one of the most reliable water sources for Damphu municipal area, Barshong, Mendrelgang and Patsaling, Kilkhorthang and Rangthangling geog. Pawkhola stream is located at around 18 kilometers from Damphu town towards Darachu.

The service providers agreed to carryout conservation and watershed management works like maintaining buffer of 100 meter radius to ensure proper recharging of spring sources, plantation of native species to rehabilitate degraded watersheds, guarding the entire watershed area from illegal extractions of forest resources, clearing of stream channels in Pawkhola stream and limiting livestock grazing in the watershed area. The service users will contribute minor financial support to compensate as a sense of ownership for protecting water source indirectly.

The contract will enable CFMG members of more than 64 households to receive more than Nu 2,24000/- annually for their conservation and watershed management at the water source area. Dasho Dzongrab, Dzongkhag Tshogde Thridzin, Principal Munipal Engineer, CFO Tsirang Forest Division and CFO Watershed Management Division, officials from the Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS), sector heads of DAT, Gup Patsaling geog, Thromde Thuemi, representatives from CFMG and Damphu town were also present at the function.

The program is initiated by Tsirang Forest Division with technical guidance from Watershed Management Division and fund support from REED + project.



Reported by: Tsirang Forest Division