The World Ranger Day Celebration at Chelela

The World Ranger Day (WRD) celebrated on 31/07/2019 saw the most important event in the history of the Department of Forests and Park Services with the unveiling of the Forestry Gosa (Rank Insignia) system for forestry personnel ranks of Forestry Officer to Director-General. The WRD 2019 recognized the service of a forester from Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary who suffered injury while chasing away wild elephants from a farmer’s crop field. Mr. Rinchen lost his right eye when an explosive cracker used for driving away elephants went off soon after it left his hand. The Ranger Day also saw 24 varied forestry reports and publications done by Rangers being launched on this day. Besides these, the World Ranger Day, 2019 inaugurated the Chelela-Sagala Trail, on which numerous facilities like campsites, viewpoint gazebos, have been built by our field rangers, the staff of Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve. WWF-Bhutan Program as a support to our field rangers for aiding in their patrolling program handed over 80 rugged smart phones worth Nu.2.2m. These phones will be used for SMART patrolling for collection of patrol data.

We remain grateful to our conservation partners and special thanks to BTFEC for their funding support to celebrate the World Ranger Day 2019.The Day ended with the hoisting of mani-dhars (prayer flags) for the peace of fallen rangers and the hoisting of lungdhars for bringing good luck for serving rangers. Rangers throughout Bhutan celebrated the day with offering of butter lamps and prayers, while some of the field offices celebrated the day with the promotion ceremony of field staff.


By Nature Conservation Division.