Departmental Monthly Meeting-VIRTUAL MEETING

The Department of Forests and Park Services organized the first virtual meeting with the Field CFOs yesterday. The meeting was Chaired by the Director and attended by the Advisor and Chiefs of Functional Division. CFO, Divisional Forest Office, Thimphu also joined the meeting in the DoFPS Conference hall.

The main agenda for the meeting was to get an update on the status of COVID duty from the field, discuss the RCSC’s Organizational Development Exercise (ODE) recommendations and any other pertinent issues from the field. The virtual meet was conducted using the Google Meet, a package in G-Suite available in the MoAF webmail.

The meeting was successfully conducted and issues related to COVID-19 duty, consolidation of some of the field offices, implementation of the Uniform Code 2019 amongst others were discussed. Everyone opined that such kind of virtual meet was very timely, efficient, and cost-effective.  Such virtual meetings would be organized regularly by the Department.

By Forest Resources Management Division.