The Department of Forests and Park Services under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests observed its fourth World Ranger Day on 31st July 2020. Globally, the day was observed to commemorate rangers who have lost their lives or were injured in the line of duty and also to celebrate the works our rangers do on daily basis at the forefront of conservation.

The day was marked by all the field offices across the country to acknowledge the services the rangers’ render for the conservation of the environment and to the nation as a whole. This year’s celebration also marked an important milestone in the history of the department with the launching of the revised gosa system. With the introduction of this gosa system, all the forestry officials will now adorn a unique gosa which in the past did not exist for all ranks of rangers. The forestry gosa system is pegged to the position classification system of the Royal Civil Service and in no way equated to other existing gosa systems in the country. The design of the gosa elements features Meconopsis gakyidiana, the national flower, the logo of the department, and the color of our national flag worn as stripes, which will be worn based on the ranks. It also signifies the commitment of the department to conserve and protect the Kingdom’s pristine environment with full loyalty and dedication for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Department launched the software for Bhutan METT (Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool) and important publications such as the Forestry Uniform Code, REDD+ Strategy, and Protected Area Zonation Guidelines of Bhutan, Guidelines for Classifying and Managing Key Biodiversity Areas and Biodiversity Monitoring Protocol to mark the day.

World Ranger Day was celebrated in partnership with the WWF Bhutan Program, Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation, Bhutan Foundation, and Royal Society for Protection of Nature and Bhutan for Life. This years’ celebration also marked the 4th Year Anniversary of Bhutan as a member of the Ranger Federation of Asia.