Public Notification on Gosa System revised by Department

The Department of Forests and Park Services introduced a revised gosa system to commemorate the World Ranger Day 2020. With this revised gosa system all the forestry officials will now adorn a unique gosa which in the past existed only till the rank of Senior Forest Ranger III, who wore the 3 collar tabs popularly known as the Ranger Clips after which forestry personnel wore the green uniform with no ranks thus creating confusion among the public as to who was senior in ranks while conducting field visits and public meetings.

The revised forestry gosa system is pegged to the Position Classification System (PCS) of the Royal Civil Service for the positions starting from S level at the lowest rank of an Assistant Foresters to the highest position of EXII for a Director-General. The rank system is unique and the first of its kind with insignias being worn on the collars with a combination of insignias on shoulder flaps that starts from the position of P2 corresponding to that of a Deputy Chief Forestry Officer.

The design of the gosa elements features Meconopsis gakyidiana, the national flower, the logo of the department and the bi-color of our national flag in the stripes worn by foresters. It signifies the commitment of the department to conserve and protect the Kingdom’s pristine environment and natural resources with responsibilities being shouldered by every personnel with full loyalty and dedication for the benefit of the present and future generations.

The Department of Forests and Park Services through this notification would like to inform all public that the Forestry Gosa System is unique in its own design and rank structure and in no way should be equated to another existing gosa system in the country

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