Department’s volunteer COVID-19 service recognized by His Majesty

“Hard work never goes unrecognized.” Yesterday evening on August 22, 2020, His Majesty recognized the relentless volunteer service rendered by forestry officials during the pandemic. The services, besides normal duties, includes vegetable delivery in Thimphu, manning border POEs in the south, and Cordyceps duty in the northThe appreciation was bequeathed in a meeting attended by Hon’ble Director and FPED CFO at Desung Office along with MoAF officials. During the meeting, HM happened to visit and specially mentioned about forestry colleagues working very hard along with the security forces. Hon’ble Director shared through social media that we have appreciation from the highest authority and all must know about it. “I too must thank our colleagues for making this happen. Keep it up,” shared Honorable Director. For those involved in manning POEs in the south in this sweltering heat, the vegetable delivery team in Thimphu as well as all other foresters involved in one or other way of COVID-19 duty, such an appreciation from none other than His Majesty Himself must doubly encourage and serve as a booster to even endure harder.