Tsirang Forest Division opens two additional Range Offices at Mendrelgang and Tsirangtoe Geog.

In line with the RCSC OD exercise and subsequently with the directives from the Department of Forests and Park Services, Tsirang Forest Division now formally upgrades two-beat offices to full-fledged Range office. The up-gradation of the Range office was part of the delegation of authority from the Divisional office to the Range office to render faster public services.

 Until today the forestry services in Tsirang have been catered by a single Range office located at Damphu. Due to the high population density and distance of far-flung Geogs to Range HQ, the Division during 2019 has proposed two additional Range offices to provide faster public service delivery to cater to the need of communities and minimize turnaround time in providing efficient service delivery.

With the up-gradation of two new offices, Tsirang Forest Division now has three Range Offices. The Mendrelgang Range Office is located 18 km away from Damphu (Divisional HQ) and will look after jurisdiction of 207.60 km2 covering Geogs of Mendrelgang, Barshong, and Patsaling. The Mendrelgang Range Office will cater to the forestry needs of 12,535 population (1076 HH).  Similarly, the Tsirangtoe Range Office is located 24 km away from Damphu and it will look after jurisdiction of 223.25 km2 covering Phungtenchu, Tsirangtoe, and Sergithang Geogs. The Tsirangtoe Range office will now cater to the forestry services of 10,709 population (1295 HH).

The inauguration of the Mendrelgang Range office was done on dated 20/10/2020 and was graced by the Chief Forestry Officer as the chief guest. The occasion was also attended by Gups, Mangmis, and Geog ADMs and the public of three Geogs. The opening of the Range office was begun with the recitation of the Tashi-tsekpa and offering of the butter lamps.

Similarly, on dated 22/10/2020, the inauguration of the Tsirangtoe Range Office was carried out. The program was attended by the Dzongkhag Thrizin, Gups,

Mangmis, Geog ADMs, and the public of Sergithang, Tsirangtoe, and Phuentechu Geog. The CFO and other forestry officials from the Division headquarter also participated in the opening of the New Range office. Tsirang Forest Division is extremely grateful to the Department of Forests and Park Services and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for the support and guidance in achieving this milestone of Tsirang Forest Division.


Tsirang Divisional Forest Office.