Handing over of 16 Bikes to the Department from a project financed by GEF_LDCF

The Project Management Unit (PMU) of the project titled “Enhancing Sustainability and Climate Resilience of Forest and Agricultural Landscape and Community Livelihoods in Bhutan”, handed over sixteen (16) Royal Enfield Bikes to the Department of Forest and Park Services as a part of in-kind support to enhance mobility facilities within Forest Management Units (FMU) located within the Project Landscape in the country. The Bikes were handed over by the Hon’ble Director of Gross National Happiness Commission to the Hon’ble Director of Department of Forest and Park Services in presence of FMU Unit Incharges and officials from the Project Management Unit on 10th November 2020 in Thimphu. The Bikes thus provided shall be used to further enhance the monitoring and patrolling activities within FMUs which is one of the important components of sustainable management of FMUs. The Hon’ble Director, Department of Forest and Park Services humbly thanked the Gross National Happiness Commission and the Project Management Unit for the support thus rendered which will further enhance and contribute towards effective management of Forest Management Units in the country.

The Project period is from 30th October 2017 to 29th October 2023 and is financed by GEF_LDCF with Gross National Happiness Commission as the National Implementing partner.






Forests Resources Management Division