A brief year-end meet by Director with Functional Divisions

A day ahead of welcoming the Bhutanese New year (Losar) on last Friday, the Hon’ble Director accompanied by the Advisor took time, out of their busy schedule, to visit each functional division for a brief year-end meet. 

The meet started from FPED ending with NCD in the chronological order of office location. Meeting with FRMD, Hon’ble Director advised that as we welcome the new year, all bad must be buried with the past year and look forward to the brighter year.

He shared that the COVID-19 pandemic really took the toll in 2020 yet the Department has been contributing to the fight through performing duty in POEs in border areas. In addition, during both lockdowns 1.0 & 2.0, the Department has instrumentally contributed through vegetable and firewood deliveries. “For that, there is recognition and appreciation from the highest authority.”However, he cautioned that Pandemic has taught lots of lessons for which business as usual or daily chore is not enough. “There is a need to think of providing service out of the box”. He asked for a need to list down work we can perform besides daily 9-5 work.

The Hon’ble Director also categorically mentioned during lockdown 2.0 in Thimphu, those who came forward for firewood delivery represented the Department and helped build the image. This is in addition to POEs duty. “Unlike others, we did works that required physical strength and endurance.” “For these, we were appreciated.

Concluding the meet, he emphasized the need to think of what we can do more than what we always do. He pointed out that from the lessons learned due to pandemics, things will have to change in 2021. He quoted His Majesty’s words “Idle mind 

is devil’s workshop,” referring to lockdowns and remaining idle with not much to Work From Home. Last Thursday coincided with the 30th Day of the 12th month of the Bhutanese calendar, corresponding to 11th Feb 2021.