Training on Cable Line Survey, GIS and Operational Planning in Forest Management Units

26th  August – 3rd September 2015, Bumthang: Forest Resources Management  Division in collaboration with Bumthang Division has conducted a training on  “Cable line survey, GIS and Operational Planning in Forest Management Units” at RNR-RDC Jakar. Hon’ble Director General, Department of Forests and Park Services graced the opening session of the training. 

Main photoIn his keynote address he conveyed the importance of sustainably managing our forest  and the roleit plays in mitigating climate change through carbon sink and storage, enabling ecosystem services, providing suitable habitat for our rich flora and fauna and save guarding the country’s hydro powers.

The main objective of the training was to build and strengthen the capacity of our field staff in scientific forest management practices. Being the core implementer of Forest Management Plans in the FMUs the training was aimed towards better implementation of the various activities enshrined in the Forest Management Code of Bhutan, 2004.

Total of 78 participants from territorial divisions,  staffs from FMUs and NRDCL Unit offices were trained for nine days. The training comprised of practical as well as theoretical exercises in cable line survey, cable profile drawing, operational inventory, Operational plan writing, FMU monitoring and evaluation, using GPS and GIS in forestry data collection and mapping.