Training of Payment for Environmental Services (PES)

PESWatershed Management Division (WMD) in collaboration with SNV-Bhutan has organized a training on Payment for Environmental Services (PES) mechanism from 28th September to 2nd October 2015 at Thimphu. The five days of training with a field trip to Paro PES site was aimed at building capacities of relevant stakeholders on the process of establishing PES schemes and valuation of environmental services (ES). The training is aimed at achieving the following results:

  1. The participants are thorough with the process on establishing PES scheme
  2. The participants are confident in determining value of ES and the methods of valuation, and
  3. The participants can identify ES in a given situation

The training was conducted by Mr. Driss Ezzene De Blas from CIRAD and is participated by representative from selected Dzongkhag Forestry Sectors, Territorial Forest Divisions, Parks, DGPC, Flood Engineering Management Division, MoWHS, National Soil Service Center, RDC Yusipang, UWICE, WWF, RSPN and representatives from functional divisions under DoFPS.