Training Workshop on Satellite Land cover Monitoring System and Web Portal Capacity Building

23rd to 28th Novermber, 2015: Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD), Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) conducted a training workshop on “Satellite Land cover Monitoring System and Web Portal Capacity Building” from 23rd to 28thNovermber, 2015 at Paro with the financial support from UN REDD. This training workshop enabled the participants on understanding geo spatial web portal for dissemination of information regarding national forest monitoring. Training workshop session was guided by Ms. Inge Jonckheere from FAO and Mr. Damiano Giampaoli.

Web portalHaving National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) is a mandatory component under REDD+ project for any countries. NFMS covers both monitoring and MRV function. Within this, web portal is crucial component for dissemination and sharing of data. This enables wider audience at national and international to visualize and understand the trend of deforestation and degradation of forest. Web portal supports maintaining transparency of methodology and data. With technical support from UN REDD, Bhutan has completed the beta version of geoportal using open source software. With feedbacks from technical participants, portal will be improved or modified accordingly.