Offence and Fine Schedule

Bhutan conducted a nation-wide cleaning campaign on 9 December 2016 to to commemorate a special occasion of 10 glorious years of His Majesty the King’s reign. Hence, in order to maintain the cleanliness, several fines and penalties under the Waste Prevention and Management rules has been amended. Accordingly, as per instruction from Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, relevant authorities are asked to strictly enforce the provisions of the rules as attached.

Sl. No Offence (act of non-compliance) Fine Amount (Nu. per instance)
1. Littering of any public places Nu. 100
2. Dumping of waste in places other than approved sites Nu. 500
3. Operating of business establishments without providing waste bins for customer usage Nu. 1,000
4. Any nature of waste being found within a boundary of a household of business unit Nu. 500
5. Urinating or defecating in public place Nu. 100
6. Sale of goods or services on the streets and pedestrian walkways without approval Nu. 1,000
7. Dumping of wastes into the streams, rivers, drainage systems of other water bodies Nu. 1,000
8. Dumping of industrial waste in areas other than designated location or facility Nu. 20,000
9. Collection of waste without permit from relevant authority Nu. 100
10. Dumping of construction waste including excavated materials and structural demolition waste in places other than designated sites Nu. 9,000/truckload
11 Upon completion of a construction work, failure to clean up the remnants of the construction materials in and around a construction area, streets, roads or a pedestrian pathways Nu. 10,000
12 Placing or storing of goods, including commercial and construction materials, on the streets, roads, and pedestrian pathways without permission of the relevant authority Nu. 2,000
1. Smearing of lime and spitting of doma in public areas Nu. 100
2 Display of poster/stickers/bills/banners without approval from Thromde Nu. 500
3 Failure to clean the area after organizing a program Nu. 5,000
4 Failure to provide bins for collection and segregation during public events under section 90.1 Nu. 2,000
5 Failure to maintain bins under section 90.2 Nu. 1,000
6 Washing of vehicles or machineries in a river, stream, lake, pond, wetland or at a drinking water source Nu. 1,000
7 Open burning of inorganic waste where waste management system/facilities is in place Nu. 1,000
Source: Annexure VII of Waste Prevention and Management Regulation, 2012 and amended 2016