Handing taking of CF Ownership Certificate to Mendrel Nyamrup Phunsum CFMG

February 7 2017,Social Forestry and Extension Section under Tsirang Forest Division has handed over the CF ownership certificate to Mendrel Nyamrup Phunsum Community Forest management Group (CFMG) on 7th February 2017 at Mendrelgang Geog centre under cf2Tsirang Dzongkhag. Certificate was handed over by Chief Forestry Officer, Tsirang Forest Division to Chairperson of Menderl Nyamrup Phumsum CFMG. With award of this certificate, the Divisional Office has handed over 37 CF ownership certificates to communities in Tsirang Dzongkhag. The program was attended by CFO, Forestry Officials, Local Government leaders, Geog officials, chairperson and members of Menderl Nyamrup Phumsum CFMG. Refreshment and simple lunch were served to attendees by Divisional Office.Mendrel Nyamrub Phuensum Community Forest which measures 75.64 acres is the fourth community forest in Mendrelgang geog under Tsirang Dzongkhag.
The Community Forest was funded by PFMP project. The community forest management group comprises of 29 households of Mendrelgang chiwog and four household from Pemashong chiwog under Mendrelgang geog. cf1The group members will be equally sharing the benefits from CF with equally bearing the responsibilities for sustainable management and development of the CF. The CFMG members are all dependent on Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry products for their livelihood.The community forest falls in warm broad leaved forest zone with the vegetation dominated by Schima Wallachia, Alnus nepalenses followed by other broadleaved species. The community forest survey revealed that the overall forest condition is good with an average canopy density of less than 70%. The average basal area of the community forest is 10.08 m2/hectare.CFMG has framed four main objectives of Community Forest management:

  1. To manage the community forest resources in sustainable way;
  2. Income generation of the CFMG from community forest through sale of excess seedling and NWFP resources;
  3. Water source protection for continuous supply of clean drinking and irrigation water;
  4. Improve the forest condition through plantation in open and degraded areas.

The CF area is divided into two blocks namely Mendrel block and Phunsum block. The CFMG has developed management activities for each block. The forest consist trees of varying ages from seedling to drashing sizes.

Reported by:  Tsirang Division