Wetland Coordination Meeting


3rd April, 2017: Watershed Management Division under Department of Forests and Park Services conducted a one day, Wetlands Coordination Meeting on 3rd April, 2017 in Hotel Vara in Lobesa, Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag. The participants included forest officials from Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary and Wangdue Territorial Division looking after 3 Ramsar sites – Bumdeling Ramsar sites in Trashiyantse Dzongkhag, Khotokha and Gangtey-Phobji Ramsar sites in Wangdue Dzongkhag.

The main objectives of the workshop were to:-

  1. Create awareness on wetland conservation,
  2. Derive issues faced in the field,
  3. Develop ToR (Terms of Reference) for the wetland managers and,
  4. Upcoming activities to be carried out in the wetland area.

Submitted by:Watershed Management Division