Annual Performance Agreement, 2019-2020



Forest and Nature Conservation Act 1995

Environmental Assessment Act of Bhutan 2000

Biodiversity Act of Bhutan 2003

Land Act of Bhutan 2007

National Environment Act 2007

Water Act of Bhutan 2011

Rules and Regulations

Forest and Nature Conservation Rules and Regulations (Amendment), 2020  and Forest and Nature Conservation Rules and Regulations (Final), 2020

Forest and Nature Conservation Rules and Regulations,2017

Forest Welfare Fund Rules

Interim Guidelines for Surface Collection and Dredging of River Bed Material for Export, 2019

Royalty On Forest Produce, 2006

Forestry Uniform Code


Evaluation National Plantation Strategy 2010 Bhutan 2019

Guidlines Monitoring Evaluation Plantation Forest Nursery 2019

National Strategy Community Forestry 2019

National Strategy Plantation Forest Nurssery 2019

Competency Based Framework For Forestry Officers_DoFPS2019

Forest Cover Loss due to Hydro-power Projects and Transmission Lines

Elephant Conservation Action Plan for Bhutan 2018-2028

Snow Leopard Conservation Action Plan 2018-2023


Laboratory Manual for Aboveground Understory and Soil Organic Carbon Analysis 2019

Tiger Action Plan for Bhutan (2018-2023)

Dendrochronology Manual 2017

Management Plan for Namkhaling Heritage Forests, Gelephu 2017

Guidelines for collection and harvesting of Ophiocordyceps sinensis for 2018

Manual for Logging and Timber Harvesting , Community Forestry in Bhutan 2016

Forestry Field Manual for Bhutan ; Community Forestry Manual 2018

Guidelines for Community Forest and Non-wood Forest Product Group Networks Formation 2018

Field Manual- National Forest Inventory of Bhutan 2012

National Strategy for Community Forestry, May 2010

Marketing Guidelines for Wood-based Products from Community Forest 2017

Silviculture Manual 2016

Guidelines for Monitoring & Evaluation of Community Forestry 2016

Action Plan for National Forest Monitoring System 2015


Takin Distribution Report

Tiger Habitat Use Probability Report Final

Forest Facts and Figures 2018

National Forest Inventory Volume II 2018

National Elephant Survey Report 2018

Human Wildlife Conflict Management Report, Sarpang

Evaluation of Different Sawmill Technologies Using Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) 2017

Forest Facts and Figures 2017

National Forest Inventory Report Volume I 2016

Forestry Facts and Figures 2016

Forest Resources Potential Assessment of Bhutan 2013

Land Use Land Cover 2016 Maps and Statistics

Forest Management Unit (FMU)  Management Plans

Lingmithang FMU Plan

Paro-Zonglela FMU Plan

Rodungla FMU Plan

Betekha FMU Plan

Karshong FMU Plan

Wangdigang FMU Plan

Rongmanchu FMU Plan

Chamgang FMU Plan

Chendebji FMU Plan

Khaling- Kharungla FMU Plan

Khengzore FMU Plan

Lonchu FMU Plan

Metapchu FMU Plan

Korilla FMU Plan