In the year 1985, Sub-Divisional Forest Office was opened at Gedu in the old site office of Bhutan Logging Corporation (BLC) and later new Divisional office was constructed and Gedu Territorial Divisional Forest Office was established in the year 1988.

Gedu Territorial Forest Division covers entire Chukha Dzongkhag (11 Gewogs) and have total area of 1,991 km2 (769 sq mi). Gedu Territorial Forest Division is gateway for import and export of Forestry products and is also the commercial and financial hub of Bhutan.

Overall Functions:

Ensuring 60% of its area maintained as forest for all times to come Conservation and promotion of sustainable utilization and management of biodiversity, forest and water resources.

Meeting the long time need of all the people for wood and other forest produce by placing the division’s productive forest area under sustainable management.

Preparations of Annual Management plans, monitoring and evaluation of its implementation by Natural Resources Development Corporation and other relevant agencies.

Provide technical guidance and promote people’s participation in management of natural resources.

Reduce poverty and enhance development by verifying and issuing forestry clearance for land allotment, road construction, telephone & transmission lines, quarry, mining, etc.
Plan, prepare and implement Five year plans.

Monitor, utilization of forestry resources and implement the relevant laws and rules.