A critical dimension of Bhutan’s vision 2020 and GNH development philosophy is to protect and conserve the country’s fragile mountain ecosystem and its unique flora and fauna for future generation. The Constitution of Bhutan adopted in 2008, mandates the country to maintain a minimum cover of 60% for all times to come and strongly enshrines the responsibility of all the Bhutanese citizen to preserve and sustainably manage the biodiversity resources for long term sustainability. This aspiration requires that the natural resources are utilized in a sustainable way and any trade- offs between economic utilization and conservation are effectively managed to avoid any deterioration of ecosystem and biodiversity health through strengthening the forestry management plans and system.

Working towards this goal of DoFPS, Paro Division is entrusted with the responsibility of catering forestry services to the public and other institutional organization of Paro & Haa Dzongkhag.

Contact details are as follows:

  • PBAX : 08 271221
  • Divisional email: dfo_paro@yahoo.com
  • Chief Forest Officer:
  • Mobile no. 17636285
  • Email: ktshering_@hotmail.com
  • Timber & Technical Section Head
  • Mobile no. 17683405
  • Email: thinleytshering@moaf.gov.bt
  • Planning Section Head
  • Mobile no. 17794360
  • Email: ugyentse09@gmail.com
  • Monitoring Protection Section Head
  • Mobile no. 17465089
  • Email: kezangjigme@gmail.com
  • Social Forestry & Wildlife Section Head
  • Mobile no. 77858569
  • Email: shabtshering@moaf.gov.bt
  • Range In-charge, Haa Range Office
  • Contact no. 17610535/08-375147
  • Email: narbdrpradhan@gmail.com
  • Range In-charge, Paro Range Office
  • Contact no. 17619872/08-271237

The organizational Structure of Divisional Forest Office with 85 staffs including CFO is shown below:


ToR of Chief Forestry Officer as per BCSR 2010

  • Participates actively in formulating and developing forest policy guidelines, programs, management plans, periodical operational plans in consultation with the 5-year plan in respective Forest Divisional jurisdictions.
  • Implements various forest programs and projects as per plans
  • Participates timber extraction from FMUs
  • Forest protection from poachers, illegal fishers, forest epidemics
  • Maintenance of plantations, natural forest stands etc
  • Participates planning of forest road, bridge, buildings etc.
  • Monitors and evaluates forest activities being implemented by the Range Officers and forest management unit In charge.
  • Scrutinize progress report
  • Participates in according forest products which are permissible under forest Rules and act under his authority.
  • Timber allotment both commercial and rural
  • Minor forest products like boulders, and, medicinal plants etc.
  • Act as administrative and financial head to administer his subordinates draw and disburse salary and other benefits to the staff.
  • Act as a legal officer to compound some forest offence cases which could be solved under his authority, according to provisions of NCD Act. He discharges responsibilities of the protection and compounding forest offence cases in the civil courts
  • Provide technical backstopping to the Range officers, field research officers and lower staff. Advises the superior officers and subordinate on technical matters


  • Officiate in absence of CFO
  • Assist CFO in facilitating and settling unsettled legal cases forwarded by field offices
  • Provide technical assistance backstopping to different sections under the division and field offices
  • Assist CFO in monitoring the programs and activities implemented by different section and the field offices
  • Assist CFO in supervising the overall administrative functions, planning and implementation of various activities carried out different sections and field offices under the 11 FYP
  • Assist CFO in providing advocacy services to the general public on forestry rules and regulations through various extension methods
  • Assist CFO in giving various clearances based on the field report
  • Assist CFO in any other service delivery activities
  • Carryout any other Adhoc activities assigned by the CFO

Timber and Technical Section

  • Management, compilation and reporting of forestry information
  • Facilitate field inspection related to land (substitute/kidu/lease), roads and other developmental activities and process for clearances
  • Facilitate field inspection and process for timber approval related to disaster management
  • Verification and develop sawing orders (for timbers from GRF) and power chain licenses for approval
  • Provide advocacy services to the general public on forestry rules and regulations related to land section and timber
  • Facilitate field inspection and approval related to timber utilization for rural and commercial activities
  • Prepare Bi-Annual Work Plans, budget requirements and Quarterly Progress Reports for the section.
  • To deliver the public services regarding the removal of forest produces from Private Registered land

Protection and Monitoring Section

  • Carry out regular monitoring of the sawmills and furniture houses under the division
  • Carryout regular monitoring of the illegal land encroachment, timber transaction and anti-poaching activities in consultation with other sections
  • Settlement of legal cases apprehended by the section and apprise CFO on the status related to illegal
  • Statistically analyze illegal transaction trend related to timber, NWFPs, wildlife and land and develop annual report for reference within Division and further
  • Develop strategies and action plans for effective monitoring of illegal activities under Division in long run
  • Envisage impact from illegal activities specified to timber, wildlife and NWFPs, etc. to guide Division on implementing developed strategies and action plans
  • Prepare Bi-Annual Work Plans, budget requirements and Quarterly Progress Reports for the section

Wildlife and Social Forestry Section

  • To facilitate in resolving issues pertaining to Community Forest Management and implementation in two districts, when the involvement of division is left necessary and genuine.
  • To carryout routine monitoring of private forest management under division jurisdiction.
  • To deal with the district decentralized activities such as forest fire, plantation, NWFPS and any other.
  • Coordinate national conservations programs and survey based on wildlife in divisional level
  • To deal with Human-Wildlife Conflict issues and its rehabilitation strategies
  • To carryout wildlife rescue activities under the division
  • To facilitate and to attend emergency field inspection as when felt necessary and recommended by Chief Forestry Officer.
  • To carry out other miscellaneous forestry related works.
  • Implement Kanchenjunga Landscape Development Initiative Programs with Wildlife Conservation Division;
  • Prepare Bi-Annual Work Plans, budget requirements and Quarterly Progress Reports for the section.

Planning Section

  • Development of Forest Management Plans for FMUs and outside FMUs;
  • Assess forest resources proposed for management outside FMUs as per LCMP 2010;
  • Facilitate FMUs and Range Offices on sanitation operation as per forest protection guidelines of Forest management Code of Bhutan;
  • Sustainable management of forests based on principle of sustainability and regulating AAC for FMUs and Local Forest Management Plan;
  • Conduct periodic monitoring of FMUs and local management areas and provide technical guidance and recommendations for betterment of forest management;
  • Facilitate mid-term and final evaluation of FMUs as per timeline of Forest management Code of Bhutan;
  • Identify relevant training program for FMU staff on sustainable forest management and propose appropriate budget;
  • Facilitate coordination of field activities with FRMD and NRDCL and other stakeholders involved;
  • Facilitate FMU-Level Management Committee Meeting and guide NRDCL and FMUs to streamline committee meeting as per Code;
  • Assist CFO in any technical matter pertaining to FMUs and local forest management under Division;
  • Assist and provide necessary support to other sections on any activities happening inside FMUs;
  • Statistically analyze forest resources utilization trend and apprise CFO and communicate to FRMD and relevant stakeholders;
  • Facilitate FMUs and NRDCL on development of compliance report and renewable of environmental clearance;
  • Supervise and evaluate the work program of FMUs and ROs related to sustainable forest management;
  • Provide technical backstopping to the FMUs and Ranges and Beats;
  • Participate and helps in formulating forest plans, policies and programs in accordance with forest master Plan and five year plan;
  • Carryout any assignment entrusted to the section by CFO, etc.
  • Prepare Bi-Annual Work Plans, budget requirements and Quarterly Progress Reports for the section.

Paro Division which is blessed with abundant resource and also due to the fact that Paro being near to Thimphu (where the construction boom is happening) is under immense pressure to meet the local market demand as well as to curb illegal timber transaction. Paro Division has detected the highest number of Red Sander wood cases. Beside 2 Range Offices, Paro Division also has the highest number of Forest Management Unit Office.

The details of FMU’s under Paro Division is as follows :

Sl No. Name of FMU Area(Hac) Annual Allowable Cut ( m³)
Commercial Rural
1. Zonglele FMU 16155.81 6366 3000
2. Selele FMU 9157 8886 3000
3. Bitekha 7259.7 4200 1000
4. Lon chuu FMU 12567.01 5000 700
5. Haa East 6300 600