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Forest Resources Management Division

Forest Resources Management Division, one of the six functional divisions of the Department of Forests and Park Services, is mandated to sustainably manage the forests of Bhutan, based on sound science and also the site authority in carrying out forest demarcation for the Department. The mandates of the Division also fulfills the basic goal of the forest policy “meeting long term needs of the people for wood and other forest products by placing all the country’s production forest resources under sustainable management”.

Scientific management of forests in Bhutan started in 1965 with the preparation of  the first management plan. The management division (then called Working Plan Division) was first established in 1971. In 1974 a new method of management plan was formulated, and consequently, the Division was then called Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD), which was later changed to Forest Resources Development Division in March 2000 and finally back to FRMD. Scientific management of forests is done through identification and establishment of Forest Management Units (FMUs) and managing them under the prescription of written management plans. All plans are prepared in line with provisions under the “Forest Management Code of Bhutan”.

Mission: Manage Bhutan’s forest for sustainable production of economic and environmental goods and services and to meet the long term needs of society.
Vision: Manage Bhutan’s production forest for sustainable supply of timber, other forest products and environmental goods and services; through scientific forest management plans and strong database generated through periodic national forest inventory.


  • Identify potential FMU and assess sustainability of FMUs from social, economical, ecological view
  • Coordinate and provide technical backstopping to the Field Divisions for preparation and Implementation forest management plans (FMU, WS & LFMP)
  • Coordinate and carry out periodic National Forest Resources Inventory
  • Prepare forest management plan for FMU
  • Provide geospatial services to all the Functional Divisions, Territorial Divisions and Parks
  • Provide technical assistance for development of wood based industries
  • Maintain all forestry information and database of the DoFPS

Forest Resources Planning and Implementation Section

  • Technical Support for identification of new potential area for establishment of Forest Management Unit (FMU) and Working Schemes (WS)
  • Technical support for preparation of  management plans for FMU and WS
  • Review and process for approval of management plans (FMU , WS and Local Forest Management Plan)
  • Review and process approval of Operational Plan for implementation of FMU

Forest Resources Inventory Section

  • Provide technical support (FMU and WS Inventory) to field divisions for preparation of Management Plans
  • Data analysis of FMU and WS to estimate the growing stock
  • Coordinate and conduct periodic National Forest Inventory

National Forest Information and GIS Section

  • Maintain forestry Information database and disseminate the information
  • Maintain and update departmental website (www.dofps.gov.bt)
  • Provide Technical Support (Forest Function Mapping) to field divisions for preparation of FMU, WS and LFMP management Plans
  • Provide geospatial service to the DoFPS
  • Establishment and maintenance of National Forest Monitoring System (web based and remote sensing)

Forest Resources Utilization Section

  • Provide technical assistance for development of wood based industries
  • Timber resources assessment and allocation
  • Develop and update guidelines for timber resources marketing, distribution and disposal