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Forest Resources Management Division

Forest Resources Management Division, one of the six functional divisions of the Department of Forests, is mandated to sustainably manage the forests of Bhutan, based on sound science and also the site authority in carrying out forest demarcation for the Department. The mandates of the Division also fulfills the basic goal of the forest policy “meeting long term needs of the people for wood and other forest products by placing all the country’s production forest resources under sustainable management”.

Scientific management of forests is done through identification and establishment of Forest Management Units (FMUs) and managing them under a prescription of written management plans. All plans are prepared in line with provision link under the “Forest Management Code of Bhutan”.

Scientific management of forests in Bhutan started in 1965 with the preparation of first management plan. The management division (then called Working Plan Division) was first established in 1971. In 1974 a new method of management plan was formulated, and consequently the Division was then called Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD), which was later changed to Forest Resources Management Division in March 2000. The Division now known as FRDD is well equipped with years of experience and scientific knowledge.

Mission: Manage Bhutan’s forest for sustainable production of economic and environmental goods and services and to meet the long term needs of society.
Vision: Manage Bhutan’s production forest for sustainable supply of timber, other forest products and environmental goods and services; through scientific forest management plans and strong database generated through periodic national forest inventory.


  • Identify potential FMU and assess sustainability of FMUs from social, economical, ecological view
  • Carry out forest resources inventory in the FMU and in Government Reserve Forest land of the country
  • Prepare forest management plan for FMU
  • Technical backstopping of FMU plan implementation
  • Preparation of maps and providing quality data related to GIS
  • Liaise with MoEA and BCCI on prioritizing, identification and its establishment of forest based industries
  • Act as a focal point on behalf of the Department for providing technical backstopping in all areas of sustainable management of forest resources

Forest Management Planning Section

  • Identification of the potential FMUs and Working schemes(WS)
  • Decision on opening of FMU/WS
  • Implementation of the Management Plans
  • Prepare Forest Management Plan for the designated Forest Management Unit (FMUs)/ WS at least one per year
  • Conduct PRA and RRA for detail Socio-economic Survey of the particular FMU/WS
  • Conduct detailed Forest Function Mapping of the entire FMU/WS
  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) including the road alignment along with NCD, NEC and NRDCL team
  • To map and describe the assigned FMU/WS in terms of blocks, compartment and sub-compartment.
  • To assess financial and economic appraisal of the assigned Forest Management Unit in collaboration with NRDCL, Territorial Division, and PPD.
  • Determine appropriate Silviculture system for the FMUs and also sustained yield expressed as Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) for the operable areas in the FMUs
  • Compile and assist compilation of data related to forest management
  • Provide technical assistance to different section of FRMD
  • To assist in collation of Forest Management Data in GIS and Data Analysis Section
  • Field visit with other staff for selecting new areas for inventory
  • Provide trainings to field staffs on Management Plan preparation
  • Update Management guidelines based on field experiences and feedbacks
  • Provide technical backstopping to the Territorial divisions and NRDCL
  • Review and support Territorial divisions in preparation of Local Forest Management Plans and also implementation of these plans

Inventory and Data Section

  • Selection of new potential FMU areas for carrying out Inventory
  • Decide FMU boundary and make inventory design
  • Select and conduct first recce survey of the proposed FMU
  • Make field visits to the respective FMU and collect field data
  • Conduct inventory in the FMUs and WS
  • Conduct PRA and RRA for detailed Socio-economic Survey
  • Design Inventory Sample and cross check Inventory works in the field
  • Monitor activities of the data analysis unit and field inventory unit
  • Prepare and submit inventory reports
  • To assist in collation of Forest Management Data in GIS and Data Analysis unit
  • Ensure correct data entry and compilation of tally cards submitted by camp officers
  • Validate and analyze the data after data punching and also provide feedback to the immediate supervisor
  • Print out validation report of the particular FMU and file with the tally cards for future reference
  • Sort out tally cards serially and keep in the respective files
  • Make field visit to inventory area for cross checking
  • Produce the required data of the various end users
  • Provide spatial information on forest resources after Investigation.
  • Conduct periodical field checks for quality and quantity control of fieldwork
  • Organise inventory work in the fields
  • Assist in preparation of annual and five-year plan budget for the division
  • Prepare Local Volume and General Volume Tables for FMUs
  • Compilation and preparation of progress reports for the division
  • Management of the Library

Monitorying and Implementation Support Section

  • Conduct monitor of the implementation of forest management plans and other territorial divisions activities
  • Coordinate with territorial DFOs to prepare Operation plans for annual planning.
  • Arrange in-country training to the field staff (professional development)
  • Make field visits to back stop in the implementation of the plan
  • Develop work programme of the Implementation Unit in close consultation with the Divisional Forest Officer (T).
  • Assist in conducting EIA for various forestry activities in FMUs.
  • Prepare environmental guidelines/ standard for work related to plans implementation in the field
  • Technically backstop the field officers in matters related to environment issues.
  • Arrange on-the-job training in creating awareness to the field officers
  • Provide technical assistant to Divisional Forest Officer, FRDD
  • To carry out midterm and final evaluation of implementation of Forest Management Plan

Geographical Information System Section

  • Digitising and labelling of information from 1:50,000 topographic maps and interpreted aerial photographs
  • Doing quality control in digitised information
  • Preparation and plotting of maps
  • Providing attributes tabular data as per the need of the planner
  • Digitising of inventory plots and providing technical backstopping to Department related to GIS.

Forest Demarcation Section

  • Conduct Forest Demarcation for the entire country
  • Co-ordinate demarcation activities, to oversee their execution and to liaise with various Territorial Divisions and Dzongkhags
  • Monitor forest demarcation work and procedure of forest land settlement covering the whole Kingdom
  • Oversee the achievement of forest demarcation activities, deployment of field crews
  • Undertake frequent field visits, check the work quality, settle disputes relating to land (by referring thram) in association with concerned forestry and dzongkhag officials
  • Execute surveying and mapping works for various organization/ dzongkhags and feeding in computer for preparation of hard copy maps by using ARC/INFO and AutoCAD soft-wares
  • Feed data of surveyed boundary pillars positions in the computer for generating into tabular format and digitisation of the plotted pillars for producing hard copy maps
  • Execute preparation of work program, annual budget, future proposal, monitor the progress of their activities and transmission to Director of Forests
  • Process for procurement of equipment/ instruments/ store as and when required
  • Arrange meeting with local civil authority/ people/ forestry officials before commencement of field work and participate in process of allocating areas on priority basis
  • Preparation of forest settlement notification (topographic sheet wise and at geog level)
  • Guide the process of planned forest demarcation activities and its smooth functioning
  • Assist in preparation of work plan program, future proposals and monitor the progress of their activities
  • Provide technical assistance to Divisional Forest Officers on issues relating to Government Reserve Forest