Ecotourism Workshop in Haa

Three days workshop on ecotourism was conducted by Nature Conservation Division under Department of Forests and Park Services in Haa, Bhutan from 7-9, April 2018.


Officials from Protected Areas of Bhutan who are involved in ecotourism development in their respective parks participated at the workshop. The workshop also included participants from key stakeholders like Ugyen Wangchuck Institute of Conservation and Environment and Research, Tourism Council of Bhutan, Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators and Handicraft Association of Bhutan, with the aim to understand their roles in tourism and strengthen coordination and partnership between these agencies and Park officials.
This workshop gave the participants a good understanding on the concepts of ecotourism, planning and learn adaptive management tools and monitoring techniques for ecotourism projects This workshop aimed to strengthen capacities in planning and management of ecotourism in the protected areas of Bhutan.

Key features:

  • Basic concept of ecotourism, tourism in Bhutan PA context
  • A framework for research, planning, monitoring and management of ecotourism
  • Field-learning from practitioners in the region
  • Capacity building and networking with relevant tourism stakeholders / cross-agency collaboration

Expected Outcome
By the end of the workshop, participants were expected to know how to design and implement an ecotourism project in the PAs.

Specific outcomes:

  • Participants made aware of basic concept of ecotourism
  • Understand the cycle of ecotourism planning and management
  • Park officials and relevant officers made aware of tourism products available in their areas.
  • Strengthened coordination and partnership between RSPN, DoFPS, TCB and Park officials

The workshop was conducted with technical support from ICIMOD through Kanchenjunga Landscape initiatives.

Nature Conservation Division