SCMS – Jigme Dorji National Park



  • The focal section of the park management to deal with park’s biodiversity research, studies, training, filming, workshops, survey, monitoring, conservation, and publications in the park
  • The focal section of the park management to deal with any issues and matters pertaining to human-wildlife conflicts management, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
  • The focal section of the park management for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), management zoning, climate change studies, and management of core zones in the park


  • Coordinate and conduct all biodiversity surveys, studies, research, filming, training, workshops, monitoring, conservation, and publications in the park in close collaboration with other section heads and park range officers
  • Develop survey methodologies, guidelines, formats, and field manuals and guides for park staffs
  • Regularly monitor the population, status, and habitat conditions of rare, endemic, and endangered floral and faunal species in the park
  • Update species listing of plants and animals inside the park based on field reports and observations
  • Review all proposals and projects related to biodiversity research, survey, study, and filming, and bio-prospecting in the park
  • Develop database of all forestry offences related to wild animals, including illegal fishing
  • Coordinate all wildlife anti-poaching activities inside the park in close collaboration with PROs
  • Coordinate and organize studies, research, and activities geared towards mitigating human-wildlife conflicts and rehabilitation and rescue of injured wild animals in the park
  • Review all development projects inside the park with special reference to mitigation of impacts on environment and wild animals in the park
  • Monitor the compliances and impacts of development projects inside the park through regular field inspections in close coordination with park range staffs and Dzongkhag Environment Officers
  • Coordinate management zoning activities and climate change studies in the park
  • Initiate and lead all activities related to management of core zones inside the park
  • Distribute to Park Range and Sub-Park Range Offices all publications and information related to wild animals
  • Develop herbarium collection of important plant species and taxidermy of important wild animals that are accidentally killed by villagers and seized from poachers
  • Officiate CFO as and when deemed necessary


  • The Section Office should be well equipped with computers, printers, survey equipments, field reference books, management plans, operational plans, and project documents
  • The Section Head should hold minimum position of a Sr. Ranger with certificate courses in wildlife management and experiences in biodiversity surveys and monitoring
  • The Section Head should know how to write and review research proposals, technical reports, and should know how to use some of the software programs related to wildlife population studies

Working Arrangements:

  • The Section Head is directly answerable to and will work under direct supervision of the Park Manager/CFO unless stated otherwise

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