Functional Sectors – Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park

1. Research and Monitoring Section

  • Main unit that oversees all biodiversity researches and studies in the park
  • Information basket of resources (Plant and animal) available in the park.
  • Main unit to monitor the conservation status of the flora and fauna in the park.
  • Focal unit for Environmental Impact Assessment of activities inside the park.
  • Direct counterpart to Species Research, Evaluation and Monitoring (SCREAM) Section and Management Planning Section of WCD.

2. Integrated Conservation and Development Programme Section

  • Primary unit to see all Socio-economic activities in the park.
  • Focal unit to look after all ICDP activities within the park.
  • Develop strategic action plans and management of waste inside the Park.
  • The functional linkages between the conservation and developmental issues in and around the park.
  • Direct counterpart to ICDP Section of WCD.
  • Focal unit foe eco-tourism activities.

3. Forest Protection and Land Use Section

  • Management of information and data on allocation & utilization of resources.
  • Coordinate issuances of forestry clearances, plantation and offense cases compounding & settlements.
  • Direct counterpart to Forestry Information Reporting and Management System (FIRMS) of DoFPS.
  • Provide technical support to field offices in area of forestry service delivery
  • Focal unit for G2C services.
  • Plan and coordinate anti-poaching program.
  • Main unit for environmental education and awareness program in the park.

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