PIMS – Jigme Dorji National Park



  • The focal section of the park management to deal with any issues and matters pertaining to share, use, and storage of all information related to the park, including staffs, biodiversity, resource use, research reports, field reports, progress reports, and project reports and documents.
  • The focal section for use and share of satellite imageries, aerial photographs, maps, and GIS information of the park.
  • The focal section to deal with proper care, maintenance, and labeling of park’s infrastructure, equipment, furniture, and books.
  • The focal section to organize meetings, surveys, visits, and trainings in the park.
  • The focal section to prepare annual budget, management plan, and operational plans in the park.
  • Focal section to deal with human resource management of the park.


  • Develop in close collaboration with and support from Forestry Information Management Section (FIMS) a park’s information system that will cater all information about the park.
  • Collect and compile photographs, databases, and reports from section heads and PROs.
  • Collect and properly store all satellite imageries, aerial photographs, and maps of the park, both in soft and hard copies.
  • Properly store and maintain all important official documents both in soft and hard copies.
  • Compile quarterly progress reports from all PROs and submit to FIMS on time as per FID system.
  • Develop maps for the park as and when required either through the park’s GIS cell or seeking help from Forest Resource Development Division of the Department.
  • Develop an inventory of all office equipment, infrastructure, vehicles, and furniture in the park and maintain proper stock registers for consumable and non-consumable items, including fixed assets register as per the property management manual.
  • Properly label and maintain all office structure, compound fences, water tanks, electrical items, park vehicles, furniture, and equipment, and surrender unserviceable items to the Department of National Properties as per the property management manual.
  • Develop tender documents, conduct tender calls, and issue supply orders and work orders as per the procurement manual, and maintain goods issue and receipt notes.
  • Oversee construction and maintenance of the park’s major infrastructure and facilities.
  • Organize major surveys, meetings, including Internal Coordination Meetings, workshops, and VVIP visits in the park, and maintain and circulate minutes for any meetings in the park.
  • Initiate and facilitate the preparation of annual budget, monthly work plans, management plan, and operational plans of the park.
  • Manage the park’s human resource, such as service book update, processing increments, LTC, leave encashment, promotions, disciplinary actions, transfers, leaves, trainings, and performance evaluations.
  • Develop and delegate work responsibilities to all administrative support staffs and evaluate their performance.
  • Develop and maintain database for all kinds of leave availed and all office items borrowed by staffs.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the park head office, including toilets, windows, drains, information center, approach road, office compound, and flower gardens.
  • Organize and initiate web conferences and e-forums for park staffs to discuss important and urgent issues faced by park staffs and the management.
  • Issue forestry uniform and extension kits to park staffs as and when supplied, and requisition and issue marking hammers and GPT books to PROs whenever required.
  • Officiate CFO as and when deemed necessary.


  • The Section Office should be well equipped with a high capacity computer, color printer, statistical software programs, GIS software programs, project documents, procurement manual, property management manual, HRD manual, Civil Service Rules, and Financial Management Manual.
  • The Section Head should hold minimum position of a Sr. Ranger with good skills in computer usage and experiences in human resource management, financial management, and property management, and database management.

Working Arrangements:

  • The Section Head is directly answerable to and will work under direct supervision of the Park Manager/CFO unless stated otherwise.
  • All administrative support staffs such as Adm. assistant, office messenger, driver, and caretakers will work under direction supervision of the Section Head.
  • Sharing of any information about the park to any outsiders should be first approved by the CFO.
  • Prior consent of the CFO should be sought for lending of any office equipment, items, and software programs to any outsiders.


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