Sections – Phrumsengla National Park

Terms of References (TOR) for Sections under Phrumsengla National Park

  1. Forest Monitoring and Information Section (FMIS)
    • Focal unit for Government to Citizen Services (G2C), Forest Information Reporting & Monitoring System (FIRMS) and Online Forestry Services (OFS).
    • Periodic inventories of forests (National Forest Inventory)
    • Monitoring of Wood Based Industries (WBIs) and power chain saw.
    • Maintain forest information and GIS (FIRMS and Spatial Data).
    • Implementation of REDD+ activities and METT+ (Monitoring Effectiveness Tracking Tool)
    • Facilitate Rural Timber Allocation and Utilization including removal of forest produce from registered land.
    • Process Power Chain and wood-based industries registration
    • Conduct awareness on Forestry Acts, policies, rules and guidelines to relevant stakeholders
    • Deal with Forestry Offences.
    • Monitoring of Timber utilization including timbers from registered land.
    • Facilitate issuance of forestry clearance.
    • Coordinate SMART patrolling.
  2. Forest Resources Planning and Management Section (FRPMS)
    • Facilitate development/revision of Community based forest resource management plan and implementation of activities in Community Forestry and Non-Wood Forest Product management areas.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of CF and NWFP management group.
    • Facilitate establishment of forest-based enterprise and product development.
    • Forest Fire Management and technical backstopping.
    • Forest Pest and Diseases management.
    • Development/revision, monitoring and evaluation of Local Forest Management Plan.
    • Awareness and advocacy on forest fire and pest management.
    • Facilitate sustainable forest resources management and utilization.
    • Facilitate waste management program.
    • Coordinate disposal of seized timber and other forest produce.
    • Coordinate and monitor plantation activities.
    • Focal unit for Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) and implementation.
    • Coordinate SMART patrolling
  3. Nature Conservation Section (NCS)
    1. Coordinate, document and conduct research on flora and fauna.
    2. Coordinate and implement Human-Wildlife conflict management activities.
    3. Awareness and advocacy on new wildlife research and methodologies.
    4. Awareness and advocacy on nature conservation.
    5. Collection and preservation of specimens of flora and fauna.
    6. Coordinate and conduct wildlife rescue operations.
    7. Coordinate and implementation of wildlife habitat management activities.
    8. Coordination and implementation of ecotourism programs.
    9. Coordinate the development of the park management plan.
    10. Deal with wildlife pests and diseases.
    11. Coordinate anti-poaching patrolling.
    12. Monitoring and evaluation of conservation funds.
    13. Coordinate SMART patrolling.


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