Sections/Programmes – Forest Protection & Enforcement Division


A. Forest Litigation-functions:

  • to back up illegal forest offences cases in the court.
  • to strengthen FNCR in line with other judiciary norms.
  • defend/represent the Ministry/Department against any civil & criminal accusation.

B. Forest Epidemics-functions:

  • provide general information generated by Research Centers on the common forest pests & diseases.
  • combat pest & disease problems in consultation with the Research Centers.
  • compile data on forest pest & diseases & prepare remedial measures to prevent any outbreaks in consultation with the research centers.
  • provide information linkage between the field units and the Head Quarter (DoFPS)

C. Anti-Poaching:

  • coordinate and mobilize staffs to sensitive place during the peak poaching season, i.e. to south during winters and to north in summers.
  • compile and analyze anti poaching reports of all territorial divisions and parks on a regular basis.
  • to adopt a “Programme Approach” to Anti-poaching in the country, by “Developing an anti-poaching Data-base and Monitoring System in Bhutan”.
  • Organize Sensitization Workshops on Anti-poaching Programme for the field staff time to time.


The Land Use Section is mandated to appropriately see that the GRF lands are allotted properly in line with the existing Acts, Rules and regulations. Land use of GRFs is usually in the form of land allotment, land substitution, land lease, mining, quarrying, etc. Its main functions are:

  • liaise with the Territorial Divs. (land acquisition, lease, exchange, allotment, forest clearance) for land allotment for any purpose.
  • monitoring (study/review of field report) before processing & approval of any land clearances.
  • coordinate in issuance of forestry clearances for GRF lands to be used for mining, quarrying & other purpose.
  • conduct field verification.
  • Maintain and provide technical backstopping for Online Forestry Service system.


Its functions are:

  • design & implement a nationally coordinated forest fire awareness program & enhancing people’s awareness about forest fire.
  • analyze data on forest fire of the country & propose appropriate measures to minimize forest fire incidence.
  • develop a National Fire Prevention Strategy.
  • provide technical backstopping to the Divisions/Parks for effective forest fire management.
  • conduct training programmes for field staff of Territorial Divisions, Parks and farmers in fire suppression.
  • develop technical manuals of forest fire management for Dz. Forestry Sector, Territorial Divisions/Parks.
  • procure & distribute basic forest fire fighting equipments & demonstrating their application to field staffs.
  • ensure training modules & impart training on forest fire fighting for armed force personnel.
  • support Dz. Forestry Sector, Territorial Forest Divs. & Parks in educating rural people on rules & regulations pertaining to forest fires.
  • liaise with media in informing & educating the public.
  • Conduct training, awareness programmes, workshops, etc for the forest fire volunteers under the Forest Fire Volunteers Programme.


  • Its functions are:

  • Facilitate procurement and supply Forest Uniform and accessories.
  • Facilitate printing and supply hammers, permits and other documents.
  • Facilitate any other relevant services to the department staff.

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