1.Forest Resources Planning and Implementation Section

  1. Scientific forest management through planning, implementation and extraction of forests resources from forest management units, local forest management areas and working schemes.
  2. Community based forest resource management through planning and implementation of activities in Community Forestry & Non-Wood Forest Product management areas, community-based forest enterprise.
  3. Coordinate the preparation of technical guidelines and forest management code related to sustainable forest management.

2. Forest Resources Utilization Section

  1. Facilitate, coordinate and collaborate for effective and efficient utilization of forest resources.
  2. Timber Allocation and Utilization including facilitation activities with Wood-based Industries, natural resources pricing, timber disposal and utilization.
  3. Non-Wood Forest Produce Allocation and Utilization
  4. Community Based Forest Enterprise establishment through planning and monitoring of operations

3. Plantation and Agroforestry Section

  1. Forest landscape restoration mainly through afforestation & reforestation plantations.
  2. Management of trees outside forest mainly in agriculture land through agroforestry programs.

4. Forest Fire and Pest Management Section

  1. Forest Fire Management and technical backstopping
  2. Forest Pest and Diseases management and control
  3. Coordinate implementation of Gewog and Dzongkhag Forest Fire Management Plans.
  4. Lead Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development national forest fire prevention and suppression activities within line enforcement agencies (RBA, RBP, Desuung, Department of Disaster Management).
  5. Coordination of prescribed burn implementation with field offices.
  6. National level awareness and advocacy on forest fire and pest management.
  7. Coordinate procurement of forest fire-fighting equipment


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