SCARE – Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary



  • Main unit that oversees all biodiversity researches and studies in the parks.
  • Information basket of resources (plant and animal) available in the park.
  • Main unit to monitor the conservation status of the flora and fauna in the park.
  • Focal unit for Environmental Impact Assessment of activities inside the park.
  • Direct counterpart of the Species Research, Evaluation and Monitoring (SCREAM) Section of NCD.


  • Should coordinate biodiversity researches in the park.
  • Compile and report research findings to the Park Management.
  • Should assess and monitor the population status of floral and faunal species.
  • Monitor the habitat quality and status of the globally endangered, rare and endemic species of animals.
  • Monitor the conservation of niche habitat like the Black-necked Crane feeding and roosting areas.
  • Update species listings of flora and fauna spotted in the park.
  • Initiate anti-poaching strategies and activities in the park.
  • Should play lead role in the management zoning of park resources.
  • Should conduct the EIA of any activities inside and around the park.
  • Should accompany the PRO staffs in field surveys for the alignment of road, transmissions lines, irrigation channels, etc.
  • Conduct the inventory of timber and non-timber resources in the multiple resources use zone of the park to find out Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) that will serve as basis for allotment of such resources to the communities.


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