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Samtse Forest Division is located in the South-Western corner of the Kingdom of Bhutan and covers an area of 1305.19 Sq KM. Division encompasses only one Dzongkhag and therefore the territorial boundaries of the Dzongkhag and the Division is the same.

The Division shares a common boundary with the State of West Bengal, India (Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling Districts) from Toorsa River till Teen Simana (Tri Junction) in the North West. The borders are open and porous and the Samtse-West Bengal border stretches for a distance of approximately 182 km and Samtse shares another 25 km of common borders with the Indian State of Sikkim. It borders with Haa Dzongkhag in the North and Chhukha Dzongkhag in the East which extends upto Toorsa River.

Out of the total geographical area of 1305.19 Sq KM, forest consists of approximately 1018.34 Sq KM as per the Land Cover Map of MoAF. Major portion of the forest is composed of broadleaf forest covering around 994.93 Sq KM, broadleaf mixed with conifer covers around 7.81 sq KM and mixed conifer cover extends up to 15.6 sq KM. Major vegetation consists of Tectona grandis, Shorea robusta, Michelia species, Schima wallichii, Bombax ceiba, Terminalia species, Chekrassia tabularis, Tetramele nudiflora, Engelhadtia spicata, Gmelina arborea, Duabanga grandiflora, Ammora species, Oroxylum species, Delinia pentagyna etc.

In the past, forests along the foothills were harvested for meeting the raw material demand for local wood based industries. But with the passage of time human population across the borders have increased many folds, especially close to Samtse HQ. This has in turn generated tremendous pressure on forest produce in Bhutan which has led to the degradation of forest areas close to the Indo Bhutan borders. Many of the degraded areas inside Bhutan (away from borders) have been brought under plantation through normal afforestation schemes by the territorial division, dzongkhag forestry sector and NRDCL. As per the current record (as of October, 2012), a total of 2396.56 acres of plantation area has been created till date by the territorial division office only.

Contact Info:

  • P.O.Box.321
  • Samtse, Bhutan
  • Fax 975-5-365510
  • Phone No. 365359/365353



Vision: Forest Division that will contribute to the national goal of conservation and sustainable forest resource management through professionalism supported by strong information and advanced forestry science.

Mission: To sustainably manage the forest resources within Samtse Forest Division


  • Samtse Forest Division values strong cooperative, respectful relationship among forestry professionals
  • The entire professional under this division endeavors to provide efficient service to all the people of Samtse Dzongkhag with efficiency and in equitable manner.
  • This Forest Division also believes in fostering stronger participation of the people within the Territorial Division jurisdiction in managing and protecting our forest resources.


Research and Information Section

  • Responsible for assisting the DFO in office administration
  • Conduct and coordinate training activities.
  • Anywork related to Research work and information( of all the range office activities and sections) will be directly dealt by RIS.
  • PLMS Focal person.
  • Ensure the right techniques, choice of species, appropriate time and other technical specifications followed by field offices.
  • Project focal person
  • Orchid raising
  • FMU related works
  • Database focal person( BhuFED, GIS And FID)
  • Preparing the progress report of quarterly/half yearly/annual and its submission to headquarter.
  • Bamboo house incharge and anywork related to bamboo house will have to be informed and process through RIS.

Resource Allocation Section

  • Head of Resource Allocation and Trade Section(RATS)
  • G2C related works will be carried out by RATS
  • Adhoc timber supply and any other work related to timber will be dealt by RATS
  • Over all monitoring of RHBT.

Resource Management Section

  • Forest clearance work will be looked after by RMS.
  • Removal of forest produce from private registered land will be looked after by RMS.
  • Permit for firewood.
  • Works related to land lease.
  • Nursery Management will also be under RMS.
  • Community and private forest related works will be looked after by RMS.

Conservation and Protection Section

  • Leader of Division Surveillance Unit.
  • Compile and record the number of power chain saws registered within the division office jurisdiction.
  • Kote incharge
  • Human wildlife conflict mitigation programme.
  • Forest fire and its related works.
  • KLCDI focal person

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