Overview – Forest Protection & Enforcement Division

The Forest Protection & Enforcement Division (FPED) was one of the earliest Functional Divisions under the Department of Forests. It was created sometime in 1991, then called Forest Protection & Land Use Section (FPLUS) and was entrusted with the challenge of protecting the nations vast forests and at the same time, sustainable utilization of forest resources & land management by ensuring an effective system of monitoring, regulating & adequate allocation of forest resources in collaboration with other relevant agencies like Territorial Divisions, Parks, NRDCL, etc. FPLUS was renamed as FPUD in 2000.

Objective: ensuring forest protection, sustainable management & utilization of land & forest resources.


  • responsible for dealing with forest land allotment/swapping, leasing, mining, quarrying, forest clearance & encroachment in collaboration with relevant agencies.
  • monitoring & assessing the supply of forest produce (timber, firewood, fencing posts, sands, stones, boulder) for rural use.
  • coordinating & assessing allotment of stone, sand by way of surface collection
  • providing arbitration services.
  • coordinating for land demarcation in collaboration with relevant agencies.
  • coordinating with territorial divisions/parks on forest epidemics (pest & diseases).
  • assist dealing on forest offense court cases.
  • monitoring and assessing impacts of poaching/hunting and other illegal activities.
  • maintaining database on protection of forest & wildlife, forest fire, land use and forest resource utilization.
  • monitoring timber transaction under Territorial Divisions and Parks.
  • preparing anti-poaching coordination plans in consultation with field divisions/parks.
  • assuming any other responsibilities on the instruction of the Head of the Department.

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