Range Office – Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Merak Range

Merak Range Office is located at altitude of 3500 m under Merak Gewog and is the largest Ranges under Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 482.5 sq.km. Administratively, it covers whole Merak geog and certain part of Lauri geog. There are 13 land use types within altitude range of 1500-4500 m. Large portion of area is covered by mixed conifer forest (248.61 Sq.km) followed by broadleaved (122.182 Sq.km) and shrub (59.61 Sq.km) respectively. Because of the semi-nomadic practice of the community, 7.12 % of the area is under intense pressure from livestock grazing.

2. Sakteng Range

Sakteng Range is the second largest Range under SWS. It has an area of 333.86 sq.km and its office is located at altitude of 2996 m under Sakteng Gewog. Under the Range, one guard post is located at Thrakthri village under Sakteng. Altitude ranges from 1800-4500 m. There are 10 land use types dominated by mixed conifer (209.52 Sq.km) followed by shrub (82.48 Sq.km) and pasture (22.23 Sq.km)

3. Joenkhar Range

Joenkhar Range is the located in lower foothill of Sakteng Geog at an altitude of 1600 m. It is the smallest Ranges under SWS with area of 121.2 sq.km. Altitude ranges from 1500-4300 m. Broadly, the range has 10 land use types dominated by Mixed conifer (79.02 Sq. Km) followed by broad leaved forest (29.57 Sq.km) and shrub (6.49 Sq.km)

3. Joenkhar Range

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