Sl. No. Project Total Fund (in Mn Nu) Fund Balance (in Mn Nu) Lead Implementing Agency/ PMU Donor
1. Cross-Cutting Projects
I. Bhutan for Life (BFL) 3010 2849 NCD, MoAF Multi-Party (WWF, GCF, BTFEC, RGoB and Pvt)
ii. Rural Development and Climate Change Response Programme (RDCCRP) 1569.5 632 Secretariat, MoAF EU
iii. EU-Technical Cooperation in Support of RNR Sector (EUTCP) 347.4 46.2 Secretariat, MoAF EU
v. AFACI Support to Agriculture Development in Bhutan 26 15.6 Secretariat, MoAF AFACI, Republic of Korea
vi. Commercial Agriculture & Resilient Livelihood Enhancement Programme (CARLEP) 1323.79 940.94 MoAF/MoF IFAD
vii. Food Security and Agriculture Productivity Project (FSAPP) 516.8 250.06 DoA The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) – WB
viii. Youth Employment and Rural Entrepreneurship Project 81.25 81.25 Secretariat, MoAF JSDF/WWF
ix. Export diversification for economic growth and poverty reduction 111.8 78.82 MoEA EU
Sub-total 4732.59 2371.05


Department of Forests and Park Services
Sl.No Name of Project Total Fund (in Mn Nu) Fund Balance (in Mn Nu) Lead Implementing Agency/ PMU Donor
i. Conservation of Black-necked Crane (Grus nigricollis) for Chumey and Tang, Bumthang 2.959 0.909 Divisional Forest Office, Bumthang BTFEC
ii. Ensuring Tiger Protection beyond Protected Areas in Bhutan- Zero Poaching Project 4 1.8 Divisional Forest Office, Paro WWF
iii. Kangchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KLCDI) in Bhutan 22.74 4.55 NCD ICIMOD
iv. Develop conservation management plan for Biological Corridor 5 (within Pemagatshel division) and hotspot mapping of Human Wildlife Conflict areas under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag 7.33 1.42 Division Forest Office, Pemagatshel BTFEC
v Ecology and Conservation of Chital (Spotted deer) in Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary 5.7 0.5 Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary BTFEC
vi Ecology and conservation of small fields with focus on Leopard cat, Marbled cat, and Golden cat in Royal Manas National Park 37.477 0.438 RMNP BTFEC
vii Sustainable management and utilization of NWFPs in multiple use area of RMNP 3.029 0.4 RMNP UNDP
viii. Samazingkha Agroforestry Project 15 0.5 Divisional Forest Office, Thimphu BTFEC
ix. Securing the Future of Tigers in Bhutan Manas Complex 55.3 0.6 Global Tiger Center ITHCP/WWF
x. Predator prey dynamics studies 20.072 6.857 Global Tiger Center Bhutan Foundation
xi. REDD+ Readiness Project 559 325 WMD Forest Carbon Partnership Facility of World Bank
xii. Bhutan Strategic Programme on Climate Resilience (SPCR): Analysis of Climate Impact on Water Scarcity – Scoping Study on Water Sources Drying Up 13 3.5 WMD World Bank
xiii. Monitoring Climate Change and its Impact on Biodiversity (HEROES) Project 40.3 1.95
Sub-total 785.907 348.424
Total 5598.788 2770.06

Source: Profiles of the Ongoing Projects in the RNR Sector by PPD, 2019


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