ICDP – Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary



  • Prime unit to oversee all socio-economic activities in the park.
  • Focal unit to look after all ICDP activities within park
  • The technical unit of the park in terms of forest produces utilization
  • The functional link between the conservation and development issues in and around the park


  • Identify and implement ICDP activities in and around park
  • Should monitor, evaluate and report all ICDP & Extension activities within and around the park
  • Sign MoUs with the recipient/beneficiaries of the ICDP activities
  • Monitor if the terms and conditions of the MoUs are followed or not in close consultation with the PROs and take timely actions to the defaulters if necessary
  • Organize the ICDP Coordination Meetings at the Park HQ and coordinate the same at the PROs
  • Conduct socio economic studies and survey within and around the park
  • Conduct PRA/RRA in and around the park as and when need arises


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