FRMS – Jigme Dorji National Park



  • The focal section of the park management to deal with any issues and matters pertaining to park’s resource use, allocation, and control
  • The focal section of the park management to deal with any issues and matters pertaining to community forestry, private forestry, NTFP collection, and land lease in the park
  • The focal section of the park management for silviculture techniques, resource inventory, forestry offences related to non-wild animal resources, and Forestry Act and Rules revision


  • Allocate park resources and issues forestry clearance to applicants inside those park ranges that are not delegated the power of Chief Forest Officer (CFO) by the Department as per Forests & Nature Conservation Act, latest rules, circulars, and notifications
  • Process issuance of forestry clearance for those activities that are specifically empowered to CFO
  • Forward to the Department those applications for forestry clearance and timber sanctions that are beyond the power delegated to CFO
  • Coordinate and process all land lease issues and applications, and effect fees as per rules and schedule of rates
  • Review all applications for community forestry (CF), private forestry (PF), and NTFP collections and submit recommendations to CFO
  • Develop database of all CFs, PFs, and NTFP enterprises in the park in close collaboration with Dzongkhag Forest Officers, Geog Forestry Extension Officers, and PROs
  • Develop database of all clearances issued, timber and non-timber forest products issued, and forestry offence cases related to non-wild animal resources in the park
  • Compile all issues and ambiguities related to Forest and Nature Conservation Act, Rules, Circulars, and Notifications and submit to CFO on half yearly basis
  • Organize regular monitoring and inspection of CFs, PFs, timber marking, NTFP collections, land encroachment, and infrastructure developments in the park
  • Conduct inventory of park’s timber and non-timber resources as and when deemed necessary
  • Distribute to Park Range and Sub-Park Range Offices all circulars, amendments, notifications, and schedules related to forestry rules and act and non-wildlife matters and issues
  • Officiate CFO as and when deemed necessary


  • The Section Office should be well equipped with computers, printers, survey equipments, field reference books, management plans, operational plans, and project documents
  • The Section Head should hold at least a Sr. Forest Ranger position with working experiences as the Park Range Officer or Territorial Forest Ranger for minimum of 2 years
  • The Section Head should be well versed with Forest & Nature Conservation Act, latest Rules, circulars, and notifications from the Department and Government

Working Arrangements:

  • The Section Head is directly answerable to and will work under direct supervision of the Park Manager/CFO unless stated otherwise


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