Tsirang Division


The Tsirang Divisional Forest Office was established in 1988 to carryout out forestry activities and render forestry services for the people of Tsirang and Dagana Dzongkhags. The Divisional Headquarter is located at Kikhorthang Geog under Tsirang Dzongkhag jurisdiction, just above Thimphu and Sarpang highway. The Division headquarter encompasses an enclosure area of more than 11 acres and supported by six sections namely Accounts, Administration, Plantation Section, Protection and Conservation Section, Management planning and Government-citizen services delivery section.

The Division renders its services, apart from the sections, through network of Range, Beat offices and Forest Check posts. The division has two Range Offices, two Beat Offices and two Forest Check posts which helps deliver services effectively and efficiently to 12 geogs under Tsirang Dzongkhag. Under Tsirang Range, there are two beat offices, Mendrelgang and Tsirangtoe Beat Offices.


Assure that the forest resources serve the long-term needs of local communities through promotion of sustainable management, utilization and protection of forest resources and contribute to national mandate of 60% forest cover in all times to come.


Sustainable management and protection of natural resources under Daganawith people’s values and aspirations, and contribute to the national goal of maintaining at least 60% of forest cover for all times to come.

The mandates of the division is:

  • To preserve the natural ecological balance by maintaining at least 60% of the country under tree cover in all times to come.
  • To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the natural resources to meet the needs of present and future generations.
  • To implement forest policies, acts and rules for sustainable management of the country’s forests.
  • Enhance protection and conservation of our pristine environment through public participation.
  • Conservation of key floral and faunal species outside the protected area network.
  • Improve the service delivery to the local communities by expanding the staff strength and recruiting right person at right place.
  • Management of forest outside forest management units through proper management planning.
  • To issue forestry clearance for various development activities.
  • Afforest/reforest barren SRF lands, soil and water conservation.
  • Minimize forest and wildlife offences through active patrolling in teams.
  • Promote and practice good silviculture management practices for sustainable management of the forest resources.
  • Enhance the utilization of NWFP through management plans.
  • Ensure adequate and rational supply of timber to rural communities.
  • Represent the department as a focal agency in the region to carry out local forest management planning.


i) ToR for Chief Forestry Officer

  • Forest administration within the territory/region both physical & financial.
  • Act as DDO.
  • Implements various forest programs and projects as per plans.
  • Conservation of key species within the territory.
  • Protection of soil, land and catchment area from degradation.
  • Act as focal person for consolidating forestry issues within the territory.
  • Implements Forest acts and rules.
  • Develop five year plan and implement.
  • Contribution in policy framing, revision of Forest act and rules, guidelines, frameworks at national level and disseminate/share with co-workers.
  • Provide technical guidance to Forest official and Forest Rangers.
  • Facilitate on hand job training to staff.
  • Facilitate efficient service delivery in supplying forest resources to bonafide citizens as per rule and guidelines.
  • Evaluate and monitor forestry activities within the territory.
  • Liaise with Functional Divisions of the Department for plan preparation and implementation, Dzongkhags, Local Govt, and other agencies within and outside the region.
  • Act as Fire Incident Commander as and when forest fire occurs.
  • Any other works assign by Department and Government.
  • Overall Administrator of the Division.
  • Create awareness on Forest Act/Rules Guidelines through GYT/DYT.
  • Provide technical backstopping to the Range officers, field research officers and lower staff. Advises the superior officers and subordinate on technical matters.

ii) ToR for Plantation Section

The focal official shall be responsible for the implementation of:

  • Coordination in implementation of project nursery and plantation activities.
  • Identification of areas for creation of afforestation/reforestation and prepare plans.
  • Verification of estimate and seek technical and administrative sanction from HQ.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of plantation / nursery activities, Agro-forestry.
  • Collaborate with research on plantation/ nursery.
  • Enhance development of private plantation, agro forestry, soil conservation, land management etc.
  • Developments on carbon negotiation etc.
  • Preparation of progress report for both RGoB and project nursery and plantation activities.
  • Provide technical backstopping to Range Officers in implementation of nursery and plantation activities.
  • Provide training on nursery management, planting technique and methodology.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of nursery and plantation.
  • Assist field staff on record keeping and maintenance of plantation journal.
  • Work as team for divisional committee on various issues and tendering committee.

iii) ToR of Social Forestry & Resource Management Section

The focal official shall be responsible for the implementation of:

  • Management of Social Forestry & Extension activities.
  • Support and facilitate the implementation community forest management plan Support, Review and M&E of the Community Forests.
  • Facilitate and review of NWFP plan implementation.
  • Coordinate in FMU management plan and working scheme including cushion plan implementation.
  • Preparation and implementation of management of Forest area outside FMU.
  • Species conservation and management of flora and fauna..
  • Coordination of research and extension activities.
  • Identify critical water source and micro watersheds; prepare mitigation plans along with seeking funds.
  • Coordinate in waste management in GRF land.
  • Facilitate Eco-tourism & Recreational areas identification.
  • Wildlife rescue & Rehabilitation centers.
  • Prepare management plans for all Geogs to determine the resource deficit and surplus.
  • Evaluate annual operation of FMUs and sanitation works.
  • Guide FMU in-charges and ROs in Silvicultural practices based on forest types.
  • Provide technical guidance ROs and Unit In-charges in control of forest pest and diseases etc.
  • Prepare annual operation plan of the FMUs based on master plan.
  • Provide technical guidance in carrying out operational inventory.
  • Survey and Demarcation of SRF land.
  • Prepare site specific plan (project proposal) and seek funding from RGoB, Donors, trust funds etc other than the plan work.
  • Overall preview of forest management code of Bhutan.
  • Collaborate with research on management system in FMUs and working schemes.
  • Work as team for divisional committee on various issues and tendering committee.

iv) ToR of Resource Protection & Enforcement Section

The focal official shall be responsible for the implementation of:

  • Dealing with land issues and facilitate in allotment of GRF land for
  • Issue Forestry Clearances for in GRF land.
  • Facilitate GRF land leasing, land allotment, Satshab, substitution, rehabilitation, Kidu land. Exchange etc.
  • Facilitate issuing forestry clearances for development activities.
  • Deal with sand and stone quarry proposals.
  • Deals with SRF land encroachment and mitigation.
  • Facilitate allocation of sand, stones for construction/renovation of Dzongs, Monasteries, Lhakhangs from SRF land.
  • Responsible for submission of Progress reports.
  • Responsible for forest fire suppression, Anti-poaching activities and patrolling.
  • Implement HWC management.
  • Implement forest Act and Rule.
  • Follow up on Forest protection & Legal issues in court.
  • Compounding of Forest Offences in consultation with ROs.

v) ToR for Resource allocation & Data Section

The focal official shall be responsible for the implementation of:

  • G2C services.
  • Facilitate allocation of commercial and rural timber allocation.
  • Process and issue sanction order for rural house building timbers for both new construction and renovation as per rule.
  • Issuance of clearance for removal of forest produces ( NWFP) from private land including sand, stone and surface collection.
  • Facilitate allocation of rural and commercial firewood.
  • Process and issue sanction orders for fencing poles, flag post, bamboo, leaf mould, sand, stone & minor forest produce for commercial & rural purposes.
  • Inspection of house construction sites.
  • Provide guidance to ROs and Beat Officers.
  • Responsible in implementation of FIMS/FID and preparation of progress report.
  • Impart on hand job training in record keeping in soft as well hard copy.
  • Process application online, maintain hard copy.
  • Time to time notify Local Government on allocation timings.
  • Monitor the Rural timber activities.
  • Deals with Firewood supply where there is no FMU activities.
  • Facilitate for supply of timbers for construction/renovation of Dongs, Monasteries, Lkakhangs from SRF land.
  • Sanctioning & Monitoring the commercial timber activities.
  • Work as team for divisional committee on various issues and tendering committee.

vi)ToR of Account/ Finance Section

The focal official shall be responsible for the implementation of:

  • Preparation of five year plan budget, preparation of annual budget, fund requisition from DBA and submission of accounts to DPA.
  • Deals with all monetary transaction including issuing of cheque.
  • Deals fund disbursements as per financial manual.
  • Submission of monthly, annual accounts.
  • Deals with money receipt, deposit revenue to Banks and submits accounts to Revenue and customs.
  • Attend to annual auditing and follow ups on memo matters.
  • Recording of financial matters on line as well manual, preparation of vouchers etc.
  • Submission of progress report both physical and financial.
  • Any other assignment from CFO.
  • Timely preparation and disbursement of bills to field staff & any other agencies.
  • Work as team for divisional committee on various issues and tendering committee.

vii) ToR of Administration Section

The focal official shall be responsible for the implementation of:

  • Look after the general Administration of the Division.
  • Maintain service file and service book of the staff, recording of leave records. etc.
  • Look after the properties of the Division Office like Office Equipments/Furniture, Land & Buildings & other Assets.
  • Tender Call/Quotations for purchase of stationeries, materials as and when need arises.
  • Keeping track of individual staff evaluation forms and process for granting annual increment, leave encashment, LTC, process for promotion.
  • Maintain store on receive and disposal.
  • Seeking permit books and distribution to field offices and staff.
  • Any other assignment from CFO & other section heads.
  • Recording & registration of Power Chain Saws.
  • Registration of Govt. & Private Hammer and issuance. Make requisition of Forest Uniform & issue thereof as well as Extension kids etc.

viii) ToR for Range Officers (Tsirang Range Office)

  • Implementing programs within the Range.
  • Carryout soil and watershed conservation trails, site identification for afforestation and implementation of building infrastructures.
  • Identification of sites for afforestation/reforestation, a bioengineering activity in degraded land and riverbeds, carry out nursery and plantations.
  • Execution silvicultural operation in high forest, execution of thinning operations of older plantations.
  • Conduct PRA/RRA and identify the potential area for Community and Private Forestry, preparation of CF plans, NWFP resources assessment.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Forestry activities including extension activities.
  • Mobilizing Forest Fire fighting team.
  • Execute field truthing on encroachment and other related people oriented forestry activities.
  • In the absence of the Superior, administer the Range and Beat staffs, Geog staff.
  • Supervise, monitor, and evaluate the plan and program activities at Range level, Geog level from time to time.
  • Quarterly, half yearly or annual reporting of work/activity progress of Range level/Geog Level.
  • Issue of revenue oriented books and forms for timber/major forest produce to the public.
  • Verification and forwarding of T/A bills to Superior for approval.
  • Maintaining revenue and general cash account and submission to concern authorities.
  • Preparation of budget at the Geog level, Range level, drawing and disbursement of field advance.
  • Deals with revenues, fines and penalties and deposit through RAMIS.
  • Monitor the Range activities on legal and technical matters.
  • Forest law enforcement with regards to land encroachment, poaching, illegal trade and transit of forest produce, etc. Detection, investigation.
  • As and when required, special patrolling will be also conducted to apprehend forest offenders and to compound in the courts.
  • Inspection and reporting for forest land allotment, encroachment, and quarry of forestry mines. Coordinate the demarcation of forest area.
  • Forestry personnel as paramilitary, at times requires to join patrol in the security threatened areas for guarding unlocked forest produces and the security of the country.


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