Park Range – Jigme Dorji National Park



  • The main custodian and guardian of resources inside the park.
  • A principal bridge between the park residents, regional and local government sectors, private sectors, and the park management.
  • Chief implementer of park activities in the field.


  • Allocate park resources to communities, and government, private, and religious bodies inside the park as per the latest Forests & Nature Conservation Act, Rules, circulars, and notifications.
  • Protect rare and endangered flora and fauna from poachers and apprehend poachers hailing from within and outside the country.
  • Report the park management about any forest fire, pest, diseases, and other natural calamities observed in their respective jurisdiction.
  • Conduct regular patrolling and monitoring of all activities within their respective jurisdiction.
  • Intimate the park management about issues related to conservation faced and created by the communities, and government, private, and religious institutions, in their respective jurisdiction.
  • Inform the park management about any suspicious and uninformed activities carried out by government and private institutions, tourists, and intruders from outside the country.
  • Coordinate activities, collaborate, and develop cordial relationships with the community leaders, local government authorities, schools, armed forces, regional government offices, and RNR extension agents.
  • Regularly attend Geog Tshogdue, clarify issues, and involve in geog planning to solve conservation related issues.
  • Implement and assist Section Heads in implementing park activities as per the park’s management plan, operational plan, ad-hoc plans, minutes of meetings, and central programs from the Department.
  • Organize park’s internal coordination meetings.


  • All Park Range Offices should be well equipped with computers, printers, photocopy machines, fax, telephone, handsets, survey equipment, complete set of marking hammers, field reference books, management plans, operational plans, and arms and ammunitions.
  • All Park Range should be adequately staffed to carry out effective patrolling and to effectively implement park activities and deliver services to all stakeholders inside the park.
  • All Park Range staffs should be well versed with Forest & Nature Conservation Act, latest Rules, circulars, and notifications from the Department and Government.
  • All Park Range staffs should know how to identify various flora and fauna, conduct rapid biodiversity survey, operate computers, handle GPS, fight forest fire, and submit field reports.
  • All RPO staffs should be well dressed in forestry uniform during all park related activities.
  • All PRO staff should display cordial behavior and ethics to all stakeholders.

Working Arrangements:

  • All Park Range Officers are directly answerable to and will work under direct supervision of the Park Manager/CFO unless stated otherwise.
  • All Park Range staffs are directly answerable to and will work under direct supervision of the Park Range Officers unless stated otherwise.


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