Mongar Division


Mongar Forest Division is one of the 14 territorial Division situated in the eastern part of Bhutan which was established in the year 1985. Previously Trashigang and Trashiyangtse region was being managed by Mongar Forest Division. Currently Mongar Divison is entrusted with forest management responsibility of 17 Geogs in Mongar Dzongkhag and 4 Geogs in Lhuentse spanning over a total area of 483,493 ha.

The Division is situated bearing Latitude= 26°50’ and 28° 10’ N Longitude= 90° 46’ and 91°10’E with an altitude of 400 to 4000 meters above sea level. The main forest types inside are the Divisions are Sub-tropical broadleaved forest, Chirpine forest, Temperate broadleaved forest and Bluepine forest. Important species for conservation such as the National animal takin, black necked crane, pallas fish eagle, red panda, Rufous necked hornbill and the Podocarpus nerifoluis (only broadleaf conifer) is found within the territorial division.

Vision: Protection, Conservation, and Management of Natural Resources for socio-economic benefit of the citizen of Bhutan.

Mission: To conserve and manage Bhutan’s forest resources & biodiversity to ensure social, economic and environmental well-being, and to maintain a minimum of 60% of the land under forest cover for all times to come.

Core Mandates:

Conservation, protection, sustainable management and utilization of state forests, forest soil, water resources and biodiversity through insightful application of good science and science based management prescriptions;

 Mandates and function of the Division

  • Maintenance of a minimum of 60% of the country’s geographical area under forest cover for all times to come as mandated by the Constitution of Bhutan through development and implementation of forestry programs;
  • Enable an economically viable and efficient forest based industry aimed at adding value to forest products and build capacity of private sector and rural communities to utilise, process and market forest products;
  • Enhance the management of natural resources for sustainable utilization of ecosystems goods and services
  • Maintain species persistence and ensure long term sustainability of Bhutan’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, natural habitats and cultural heritage;
  • Strengthen nature based eco tourism : Provide for enabling environment for promotion of ecotourism and creation of nature recreational areas to bring benefits to local communities and enhance conservation;
  • Carry out research to generate knowledge, information and technology to support policy implementation and development;
  • Manage Bhutan’s forests for sustainable production of economic and environmental goods and services including sustainable supply of timber and other forest products, and to meet the long term needs of society
  • Enhance and carry out activities for climate smart and disaster resilient development
  • Provide for effective and integrated watershed management, maintain and improve water and watershed conditions and contribute to sustainable livelihoods through provision of watershed services;
  • Empower rural communities manage forests sustainably for socio-economic benefits, poverty reduction and to contribute to overall sustainable forest management at national level;
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of RNR service delivery
  • Contact:
  • Phone No: +975-03-631116/631182/631474
  • Fax: 03-631131
  • Email:

Administrative Setup


Bordering areas

Who is Who

TOR of Division

  1. Administrative Section
  • Coordinate constructions & maintenance of Buildings and other properties  -Repair of buildings and office properties and  -Seasonal cleaning of office compounds
  • Event coordination and participation
  • Deals with all the matters pertaining to personnel administration of all staff under the Division
  • Be responsible for maintaining proper service records of all the staff in the division
  • Regular dealing with staff files and records
  • Attend Staff welfare and grievances, etc
  • Ensure timely completion and submission of annual performance evaluation reports.
  • To keep record of the staffs leave and whereabouts during their absence from the office
  • Process training ,study tour/workshop/transfer/promotion/disciplinary action

      Procurement and Store

  • Maintain records of both consumable and non consumable properties of the division
  • Ensure proper procedure in contract works and procurement of materials
  • Timely issuance office equipments and stationeries to various offices under this division.
  • Ensure proper procedure in contract works and procurement of materials
  • Procurement of stationeries, kits, utilities, etc.


  • Receiving and dispatching of incoming letters and putting up to CFO and to concerned personnel via mail
  • Disbursement of letters to various sections
  • Office file management
  • Dispatching and mailing official letters on time
  1. Finance Section
  • Annual budget preparation and financial dealings
  • Routine dealings with all payments and control
  • Coordinate Revenue collection and monitoring-
  • Monitor budget use and make plan for use of allocated fund for necessary requirement while ensuring work quality.
  • Management of government fund and resources as per the financial guidelines and limits
  • Preparation of vouchers for payments
  • Preparation and submission of monthly accounts for LC accounts and for revenue accounts
  • Preparation of annual budget proposal in coordination with CFO for every succeeding fiscal year
  • Preparation and disbursement of monthly payrolls and remittance
  • Monitoring of government revenue collections and timely deposition by all the revenue dealing offices
  • Preparation and submissions of periodical financial progress reports as and when required
  • Ensure timely fund transfer, supplementary funds, closely monitor over all fund balance, bank balance and ask for timely release of budgetary fund from DPA
  • Ensure proper procedure in contract works and procurement of materials
  • Provide financial information
  • Financial correspondences
  • Preparation of the tender forms, notifications and selling of tender forms


  1. Planning and management Section
  • Ensure compliance with Forest Policy, Forest Act, Rules and Regulations including Government directives through circulars.

Forestry clearance for development and other works.

    • Process Forestry clearance for allotment of GRF land to the Government institutions such as Dzongkhag, hospitals, Dratshangs, schools other agencies, corporations for land leasing and private individuals for Kidu, Rehabilitations land, substitute land and GRF land leasing.
    • Process approval for environmental clearance for surface collection of sand and stone from government reserve forest and registered land both for commercial purposes.
    • Process forestry clearance for developmental activities such as farm road,
    • Approach road, power transmission line and towers etc. as per FNCR 2017.

Conservation & protection of wild life.

    • Responding to HWC in coordination with the Range Offices/WCD/DoFPS/whenever necessary
    • Deal Human wildlife conflict including collection, compilation and processing compensation payment for loss of domestic animal to wild predators.
    • To deal with Human-Wildlife Conflict issues and its rehabilitation strategies
    • To carryout wildlife rescue activities under the division
    • Collect, compile and online submission of Human-wild life conflict report.

Legal activity/patrolling.

    • Prepare offence approval submitted from the field and maintain the records on offence.
    • SMART Patrolling planning, implementing and reporting
    • Initiate Divisional Level Patrolling to curb illegal activities such as poaching, fishing, timber extraction from GRF, misuse of rural timber and etc. with coordination with Range office(s) & Unit Office(s).
    • Monitor forest check post activities on the regular basis including movement of forest produce.
    • Provide legal services for forest related offences and attend court case if required.

 Removal of forest produces from Private land.

    • Process forestry clearance for removal of forest produces from registered land.
    • Monitor and issue clearances for commercialization of produce from registration.
    • Carry out special assignments entrusted by CFO from time to time.

Regulation of wood based Industries.

    • Registration of sawmill, power chainsaw(s) and mobile sawmills.
    • Issue certificate of registrations and renewal of certificate from the time to time.
    • Issue sawing permission for commercial timber allotted by the Department, NRDCL and other competent authority.
    • Compilation of sawmill reports and record keeping of timber supplied from sawmills.

Waste management activities

  • Conduct awareness campaign with local people in selected waste prone areas under Mongar, Gyalpozing and Lhuentse
    • Prepare Plan for Coordination for waste management site with public
    • Coordinating collection, checking and even penalizing offenders in selected sites, Carry out monthly waste cleaning


  1. Resource management/Technical section

Planning & monitoring of FMUs.

  • Development of Forest Management Plans for FMUs and outside FMUs;
  • Assess forest resources proposed for management outside FMUs as per LCMP 2010;
  • Facilitate FMUs and Range Offices on sanitation operation as per forest protection guidelines of Forest management Code of Bhutan;
  • Sustainable management of forests based on principle of sustainability and regulating AAC for FMUs and Local Forest Management Plan;
  • Conduct periodic monitoring of FMUs and local management areas and provide technical guidance and recommendations for betterment of forest management;
  • Facilitate mid-term and final evaluation of FMUs as per timeline of Forest management Code of Bhutan;
  • Identify relevant training program for FMU staff on sustainable forest management and propose appropriate budget;
  • Facilitate coordination of field activities with FRMD and NRDCL and other stakeholders involved;
  • Facilitate FMU-Level Management Committee Meeting and guide NRDCL and FMUs to streamline committee meeting as per Code;
  • Assist CFO in any technical matter pertaining to FMUs and local forest management under Division;
  • Assist and provide necessary support to other sections on any activities happening inside FMUs;
  • Statistically analyze forest resources utilization trend and apprise CFO and communicate to FRMD and relevant stakeholders;
  • Facilitate FMUs and NRDCL on development of compliance report and renewable of environmental clearance;
  • Supervise and evaluate the work program of FMUs and ROs related to sustainable forest management;
  • Provide technical backstopping to the FMUs and Ranges and Beats;
  • Participate and helps in formulating forest plans, policies and programs in accordance with forest master Plan and five year plan;
  • Carryout any assignment entrusted to the section by CFO, etc.
  • Prepare Bi-Annual Work Plans, budget requirements and Quarterly Progress Reports for the section.
  • Monitor infestation of pest & diseases in FMU(s) and initiate management activities in consultation with Department & other agencies
  • Routine tree marking in selected cable lines and handing over to NRDCL for operation and coupe Inspection and issuance of coupe clearance by Division

Local Forest Management & planning

  • Initiate & formulate local forest management plan in consultation with FRMD, Range Officer(s) and other stakeholders.
  • Conduct annual monitoring and evaluation of LFMP.
  • Monitoring infestation of pest & diseases and initiate management activities in consultation with Department & other agencies

 Management of watershed and water sources

  • Initiate and render support for any activities pertaining to management of watershed with WMD


  • Assist and coordinate for any research related work


  1. Resource allotment section
  • Collect and Check Rural timber to applicants for constructions, repair and cowsheds within given season.
  • Conduct inspection, issue permits, do marking, issue sawing order, passing of timber for construction, repair and cowsheds approved through G2C services within given time frame.
  • Collect application, check and allot Firewood, fencing posts, flag poles approved through G2C services
  • Collect application, check and allot Stone boulders, sand, gravels, soil, bamboos etc through GUP and approved by CFO.
  • Conduct monitoring of construction and repair works of each applicant allotted with timber.
  • Inspect, mark and allot timber to NRDCL on adhoc basis from farm roads, land allotment, transmission lines, institution land and seized timbers.
  • Inspect and allot timber directly or through NRDCL with special approval from Ministry or Dept.
  • Collect application, check and issue forestry clearance for Farm roads, DOR roads, land allotment and land lease.
  • Collect application, inspect and process approval for removal of trees from private registered land.
  • Process an approval and allotment of timber for rural use.
  • Process an approval and allotment of firewood, fencing post flagpoles, poles and other forest produce for rural use.
  • Process an approval from Department for allotment of forest produce on standing trees basis including fencing post, poles and other forest produce for commercial purposes
  • Process approval and allotment of surface collection and sand and stone
  • Monitor rural timber utilization in the field in consultation with Range office(s) and Unit Office(s).
  1. Social Forestry Section

Community Forestry.

    • Review CF application, plans and other programs for establishment of new CF.
    • Perform annual monitoring and evaluation of CF(s) management in consultation with CFMG(s)
    • Initiate proper demarcation of CF boundaries in consultation with CFMG and other stakeholders.
    • Facilitate commercialization of CF products.
    • Community sensitization of CFMG  rules and guidelines,Formation of CFMG, Field work initiation like Boundary survey & CF Map preparation, Resource Assessment, Data compilation and plan writing and Submission, Finalization of CFMG plant
    • CFMP Certification and handing over after approval (division) with installation of CF signboard
    • Participate and facilitate in annual CFMG planning meetings Supervise Record & Book keeping & Auditing
    • Marking, passing and issuing permits for Forest produces
    • Routine monitoring of  CFMG Activities & Providing technical guidance, Provide support marketing, organizing tour, issues solving, forest fire control, etc
    • Monitor & support PES of Yakpugang CFMG on quarterly basis.
    • Facilitate creation of employment in community forest cottage industries and community forests in Lhuentse and Mongar

Afforestation program.

    • Formulate plantation program in consultation with Ranger(s).
    • Review plantation activities, review plantation estimates submitted from the Ranges.
    • Accord technical approval for plantation from Division for maintenance & SFD for new creation.
    • Maintain records of all plantation and report submission.
    • Identify critical watershed for management interventions with plantation and other applicable measure.
    • Implementation of sustainable land management activities in consultation with field offices.
    • Formulate micro projects and watershed management plans on ad hoc basis.
    • Record keeping.
    • Site selection, Estimation & technical sanction for both new creation and maintenance, Actual execution of plantation work,  Site preparation, seedling transport, fencing & labour engagement, etc, Plantation completion report with journal

Community Based Forest Fire Management.

    • Planning & preparation of community based forest fire management group.
    • Identify forest area suitable for ecotourism purposes and initiate development of recreational facilities in such areas to promote tourism.
    • Facilitate and implementation of waste management activities in SRF in close coordination with competent authority.

Private Forestry Programs

    • Review application, plans and other programs for establishment of private forestry
    • Perform annual monitoring and evaluation of private forestry management Initiate proper demarcation of private forest boundaries
    • Facilitate commercialization of private forestry products.

Non-Wood Forestry Programs

    • Review application, plans and other programs for establishment of NWFP group
    • Facilitate commercialization of Non Wood Forest products.
    • Create awareness on NWFPG Guidelines, Facilitate NWFP group formation
    • Provide Technical assistance & guidance, seedling supply, plantation, training, protection & etc
    • Routine marking, passing & issuing permit for PF and NWFPG, Monitoring of PF and NWFP activities, evaluate and reporting
    • Coordinate NWFP group and PF meeting and support in Marketing and utilization of resources. Check and allot NWFP based on approval from DoFPS & Division.Like boulders, bamboo, canes, rubia etc
  1. Data and Information Section
  • Management of Forest Information database system & generate quarterly reports, half yearly and yearly FID reports and submit to the Department.
  • Monitor and resolve the FID system issues in the field offices to avoid delays in report submission to the Department.
  • Compile monthly report of the all Ranges & Unit offices and preparation for quarterly reports.
  • Data manager for National Forest Inventory


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