Zhemgang Division


Zhemgang forest division was established on July 28th 2003. Previously, the division had been constituted under Bumthang forest division. The division head office is located within Zhemgang town


“Serving the people of Bhutan by protecting, conserving and managing its forests sustainably in harmony with the aspirations and needs of the people through scientific principles infused with integrity, honesty and equality”


  • Protection, conservation and management of forests to maintain 60 % of the country’s area under forest cover for all times to come.
  • Delivering effective and efficient forestry services to the people unstintingly as per the forest Act and Rules.
  • Ensuring that the implementation and enforcement of forestry/(other vested) rules, regulations and programs are in line with the plans and policies of the department.

Location and Extent

Zhemgang Forest Division is located in the south-central part of the Kingdom covering the jurisdiction of Trongsa and Zhemgang Dzongkhags encompassing a total geographical area of 232106.589 ha (2321.066 sq. km) excluding the areas covered by the threes parks (i.e. Thrumshingla, RMNP and JSWNP), situated between 26°49’37.97″ and 27°38’11.92″ N latitudes and 90°15’52.89″ and 91°11’4.92″ E longitudes. The elevation ranges from 120 m to 4480 m above sea level. The following forest types are found within the division:

  • Tropical broad leaved forests.
  • Sub-tropical broad leaved and Chir forests.
  • Sub-temperate and temperate broad leaved and conifer forests.
  • Conifer forests
  • Alpine scrub and pastures.

Endangered wildlife:Rufous Necked Hornbill, Chestnut partridge, Golden Langur, Wards Tragopan, Beautiful Nuthatch, numerous ferns and orchids.

People and Forest Resources

The total population of the division, Dzongkhag wise is as follows (source PHCB 2005 and Dzongkhag Websties):

Dzongkhag No. of Gewogs No. of Households Population
Trongsa 4 1347 12000
Zhemgang 7 2949 17269
Total 11 4296 29269

60 % of the population is agriculturists and their livelihood is strongly dependent upon natural resources. Major population of the rural community practice subsistence farming and sustain on small scale livestock rearing. Their household income is supplemented by selling of bamboo handicrafts and non-wood forest products like chirata & piper fruits.

The forest areas under the divisional jurisdiction cover about 85.07% of the total geographical area of the two dzongkhags of Zhemgang and Trongsa combined. Both coniferous and broadleaf forests are prevalent.

The detailed area statistics as generated from LCMP 2010, MoAF are as under:

The divisional area under Zhemgang Dzongkhag has forest cover of about 85.83% with an area of 128707 ha as details given below:-

Category, Sub-class or class + description Area in Ha As percentage of total area
FCf Fir Forest 4159.6676 2.77
FCm Mixed Conifer Forest 6364.5947 4.24
FCb Blue Pine Forest 0.0000 0.00
FCc Chir Pine Forest 2094.8049 1.40
FC Conifer Forest 12619.0672 8.42
FB Broadleaf Forest 110955.2296 74.00
FBc Broadleaf & Conifer Forest 5133.3035 3.42
FB Boradleaf Forest 116088.5331 77.42
SH SHRUBS 10886.9836 7.26
GP MEADOWS 3965.3147 2.64
F FOREST 128707.6003 85.83
Total Geographical Area: 149948.855 ha

The divisional area under Trongsa Dzongkhag has forest cover of about 84.31% with an area 68674 ha as details given below:-

Category, Sub-class or class + description Area in Ha As percentage of total area
FCf Fir Forest 1770.3414 2.17
FCm Mixed Conifer Forest 23046.8116 28.29
FCb Blue Pine Forest 352.6833 0.43
FCc Chir Pine Forest 1632.0929 2.00
FC Conifer Forest 26801.9292 32.90
FB Broadleaf Forest 39903.9793 48.99
FBc Broadleaf & Conifer Forest 1968.4317 2.42
FB Boradleaf Forest 41872.4110 51.40
SH SHRUBS 7637.8299 9.38
GP MEADOWS 3965.3147 2.64
F FOREST 3262.9976 4.01
Total Geographical Area: 81457.964 ha

Approved Community Forests under Zhemgang Dzongkhag:

  • 1. Yoesel pelri CF, Tali village, Nangkor Geog.
  • 2. Norzin choling CF, Sonamthang-Thinleygang village, Ngangla Geog.
  • 3. Management Group for Pipla, Goling, Shobling, Ngakhar & Tsaidang villages.
  • 4. Sangsiri CF, Panthang village, Phangkhar Geog.
  • 5. Bjoka Cane & Bamboo, Bjoka Geog.
  • 6. Galing CF, Rebati village, Ngangla Geog.
  • 7. Tashicholing CF, Duenmang village, Nangkor Geog.
  • 8. Phuentsum pelri CF, Dakpai village, Nangkor Geog.
  • 9. Phuentsum gongphel CF, Dhangkhar village, Trong Geog.
  • 10. Thuktencholing CF, Nimshong village, Shingkhar Geog.
  • 11. Rinchen norbuling CF, Buli I, Nangkor Geog.
  • 12. Phendey norbuling CF, Buli II, Nangkor Geog.
  • 13. Yumdang CF, Yumdang village, Nangla Geog.
  • 14. Tashibee CF, Tashibee village, Phangkhar Geog.

Approved Community Forests under Trongsa Dzongkhag:

  • 1. Samcholing CF, Samcholing village, Drakten Geog.
  • 2. Willing CF, Willing village, Nubi Geog.
  • 3. Tshangkha CF, Tangsibji Geog.
  • 4. Tangsibji CF.
  • 5. Jangbi CF, JSWNP.
  • 6. Nabji CF, Korphu Geog.
  • 7. Chela CF, Nubi Geog.
  • 8. Changray CF, Drakten Geog.
  • 9. Baling CF, Langthel Geog.
  • 10. Pangzur CF, Langthel Geog.
  • 11. Taktse CF, Korphu Geog.
  • 12. Korphu CF, Korphu Geog.
  • 13. Khela CF, Korphu Geog.
  • 14. Bjeezam CF, Nubi Geog.


  • Participate in drawing policy, acts and rules of the forestry sector
  • Prepare and implement Annual Work Plans as per the Five Year Plan programs with proper monitoring and progress reporting to the department.
  • Act as focal office to inform and address all forestry development plans and issues arising out of it in local development forums such as DYT and GYT
  • Prepare Operational Plans for Forest Management Units in collaboration with FRMD and implement the FMU management plans as per the plan prescription and code of forest management practices.
  • To prepare and implement Management Plans for Forest areas outside FMU systems for sustainable management of the forest area of Gewog in order to meet the timber demands of the local people.
  • Liaise with FPED, SFED, WCD, FRMD, NRED, WMD and FIMS for information and technical expertise in the implementation of any programs and activities as required and found necessary in the field.
  • Issue forestry clearance for land allotment, road construction, transmission line alignment, lease of GRF land for quarry, etc…
  • Backstopping of all forestry plans implemented by other agencies namely Dzongkhag forestry sector, Parks, RNRRC, NRDCL, Hydropower Projects, etc..
  • Act as platform for co-ordination and linkage for forestry plans and activities in the region.
  • Monitor and regulate the proper utilization of forest resources through timely patrolling and cross checks.
  • Ensure fair implementation of legal provisions of Act and Rules for forest offences.
  • Management of biological corridors and critical watersheds.
  • Implement land and soil conservation activities, anti-poaching, and resource allocation to the public.
  • Implementation of human wildlife conflict strategy as relevant to the division.
  • Any special task assigned by the department from time to time.

Organization of the Division

The Zhemgang Forest Division is divided into various Ranges and Forest Management Units for forest administration and management. The Ranges are further subdivided into beats. The ultimate aim is to reach the forestry services to the grass root level to benefit the major population of our rural communities. Also by establishing the service centres at the geog level, the overall management functions will be intensified leading to improvement in forest protection, management, conservation and utilization programmes.

The Forest Range Officers and the Unit In-Charges are fully responsible for all forestry activities in their respective jurisdiction and are directly accountable to the Divisional Forest Officer.


Head of the Division (Chief Forest Officer)

  • Management and control of forest and forest products with periodic survey and demarcation of forest areas on sustainable principles to ensure protection of wildlife, water catchments areas and environment.
  • Enforcement of Forest & Nature Conservation Rules 2006, Civil Service Rules of Bhutan 2010, Driglam Namzha, Land Act 2007 and other Govt. Policies and directives received from department
  • Implementation of FMU plans, preparation of Operational plans in collaboration with FRMD and implementation as per Forest Management Plan prescription and code of forest management practices in FMUs and WS operated by the NRDCL.
  • Liaise and backstop other agencies implementing forestry activities namely NRDCL, Dzongkhag, RNRDC etc
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Forest Management Units and other forestry activities carried out either by Division or by other agencies (NRDCL, Dzongkhag Administration, Research Centers and Private Companies or individuals) and submission of progress reports to the department
  • Sustainable allocation of forest resources to rural and urban consumers in two Dzongkhags of Zhemgang and Trongsa.
  • Overall guidance and supervision of various sections under the Division including delegation of responsibilities, assignment of jobs and supervision of works entrusted to Forest Range Officers and their subordinates including maintaining of discipline and decorum to ensure smooth functioning of the office.
  • Sign all the official correspondences and maintain personal records and attend to personal cases of the staff.
  • Ensure implementation of five year plans and subsequent annual work plans of the Division.
  • Realizing of Royalty on forestry produces supplied and remitting to the Government.
  • Keep good relation and cooperation with the rural public, local government, departments, private agencies, NGOs and foreign companies.
  • Provide technical guidance to the general public on social forestry development and create awareness on the importance of nature conservation.
  • Verify and recommend for issuance of clearance for mining, quarry, transmission & telephone lines, road constructions and for substitute & kidu land.
  • Provide full assistance to the Dzongkhag Administration in the implementation of decentralized forestry activities and in combating forest fire and other natural calamities.
  • Undertake any assignment that has been directed by the Forestry Headquarter and other higher authorities.
  • Overall administrative & financial head in discharging administrative & financial works of the Division.
  • Prepare annual work plan and budget for the Division which includes all the developmental activities and human resource development.
  • Work towards the protection of Environment, endangered species, flora & fauna within the divisional jurisdiction.
  • Participate in formulating and developing forest policy guidelines, programs and management plans.
  • Attend seminars, workshops, training, DYT and other meetings conducted by Department, Agencies and Dzongkhags at various levels.
  • Verify and recommend approval of Community Forests under Zhemgang & Trongsa Dzongkhags and Panbang Dungkhag.

Technical Section:

  • Planning and preparation of operational plans for FMUs and their implementation in close coordination with Unit In-Charge.
  • Planning and preparation of management plan for areas outside FMUs and implementation.
  • Planning and preparation of ad hoc micro projects.
  • To initiate and discuss the management plan with concerned planner at the implementation site for proper implementation of the plan
  • To conduct coordination meeting with FMU in-charges on FMU related matters.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of FMUs as per the prescribed format with FMU In-charges.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of nurseries and plantation works within the Division.
  • Facilitate implementation of all decentralized forestry activities in close coordination with Dzongkhag forestry sector.
  • Initiate land management campaign projects.
  • Scrutinize all resources allotment permits and procedure as per Forest Act, Rules and Guidelines in vogue.
  • Processing of forestry clearance for developmental activities such as farm road, power trans mission lines and tower, telephone lines , cable lines, survey lines and others
  • Process forestry clearance for surface collection of sand, stones and boulders, quarrying and mining etc.
  • Process forestry clearance for allotment of GRF land to government institutions, private individuals, Kidu and Rehabilitation and GRF land for leasing. Prepare lease agreement and realize lease rent annually.
  • Process for forestry clearance for NTFP/NEFP collection from GRF land.
  • To deal with all forest and wildlife related offences within the division and maintain record.
  • Process for rural and commercial timbers.
  • To process forestry clearance to collect forest produce from private registered land
  • Processing of approval for commercial timber on standing basis, wind fallen, etc.
  • Processing of timber for Dzongs , Monasteries and other religious purpose
  • Management of Forest Information Database of the division
  • Compilation of range office reports and preparation of progress report monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly in FID database, system and submission to FIMS under direct guidance of CFO
  • Record keeping of forest fire offences, fire reports, resin tapping, timber supply and other reports
  • Monitoring of technical activities including construction activities
  • Compile reports such as forest fire, forest offence, resoop report, etc.
  • Assist CFO for budgeting and other planning works

Administrative & Store Section

  • Maintain & update leave records of the employees annually.
  • Process & forward the employee’s promotion forms to the Department of Forests as per the provisions of the BCSR rules.
  • Issue office order, notification & circulars.
  • Maintain personal information of individual forestry staff.
  • Maintain inventory on forestry infrastructures.
  • Procurement of store items through open quotations.
  • Submit the bills to the account section for further payment to the concern suppliers.
  • Supply the store items as per the requisition submitted by the section heads.
  • Maintain stock receipt register & stock issuance register.

Accounts Section

  • Prepare annual work plan and budgeting.
  • Disbursement of salaries and TA/DA claims, payment of bills, preparation of vouchers.
  • Submit monthly accounts.
  • Timely requisition of release.
  • Maintain proper books of accounts.
  • Type and draft accounts related correspondences.
  • Make timely remittances.
  • Attend during the time of auditing.
  • Maintain revenue report.
  • Process for settlement of all employee related claims and all other types of expenditures of the Division office in line with the broad financial guidelines with due diligence and care.
  • Process payment of contractors and suppliers claims and check for the compliance of the claims.
  • Restrict ineligible and inadmissible claims and enforce the financial discipline rigorously.
  • Verify payments as to the completeness of the claims and in conformity to the rules.
  • Ensure all the claims are settled within the stipulated period.
  • Ensure payment of salary of employee under engineering service is made on time i.e. before the last working day of the every month.
  • Ensure that all the statuary deductions and other recoveries are effected and vouchers for remittances to the concerned agencies/beneficiaries are prepared as per the requirement within the time.
  • Prepare transfer in/out and new appointment list by the end of every month.
  • Incorporate re-appropriated fund, supplementary fund and transfer of the fund in BAS
  • Prepare and generate monthly accounts within the time frame
  • Ensure that revenue and refundable fund of the Division office are deposited and releases are requested on time as per the requirement.
  • Maintain the books of account i.e. memorandum register, contractor ledger, cash book, check issue register, receipt & payment of non-revenue register, receipt & payment of refundable fund register and all other records as required by the financial status and update daily with no error.
  • Prepare cheque, draft and ensure proper receipt by the appropriate payee and on time.
  • Maintain the paid vouchers in chronological order for future reference and auditing purposes.
  • Safe custody of the non-revenue receipt & register, refundable deposit invoice, cash book, cash at hand, cheque book & register, passed vouchers, contractor ledger, memorandum register & draft or cash warrant of the Division office.
  • Ascertain the cash balance at the end of financial year is surrendered to Department of public accounts on time.
  • Restrict ineligible and inadmissible claims and enforce the financial discipline rigorously.
  • Verify payments as the completeness of the claims and in conformity to the rules.

Dispatch Section

  • Receiving and dispatching of incoming letters and putting up to CFO.
  • Dispatching and mailing official letters by post on time.
  • Disbursement of letters to various sections.
  • Office files management.
  • Collection of letter from the post office and collection of newspapers.
  • Any other assignments as entrusted by CFO.

Range Office

  • Enforcement of forestry acts & forestry rules.
  • Issue permit & mark the timbers in favor of permit holders.
  • Carry out timely patrolling to curve the illegal utilization of timbers.
  • Carry out fishing patrolling & poaching.
  • Maintain general accounts.
  • Monitor & inspect on land encroachment, road construction, transmission, stone quarries. Surface collections and other developmental activities.
  • Registration of offence and compounding the case as per the provision of the rules.
  • Submit monthly, quarterly & annual report to the Division.

Forest Management Unit

  • Implementation of forest management plan (Operational inventory, cable line survey, road alignment survey, preparation of operational plan, rural/commercial marking/passing, monitoring of road construction/maintenance and illegal monitoring) etc.
  • Enforcement of forestry acts & forestry rules.
  • Issue permit & mark the timbers in favor of permit holders.
  • Carry out timely patrolling to curve the illegal utilization of timbers.
  • Carry out fishing patrolling & poaching.
  • Maintain general accounts.
  • Monitor & inspect on land encroachment, road construction, transmission, stone quarries surface collections and other developmental activities.
  • Registration of the offences and compounding the case as per the provision of the rules.
  • Submit monthly, quarterly & annual report to the Division.


1. Operational Plan for Wangdigang Forest Management Unit, Zhemgang Dzongkhag (Period of the plan: January 2010-December 2011)

  • Seed collection and procurement
  • Nursery Development
  • Creation of plantation in harvested area
  • Commercial & rural harvesting
  • Collection of NWFPs
  • Maintenance of forest roads
  • Regeneration survey
  • Cable line survey and enumeration
  • FUM level committee meeting
  • Monitoring

2. Operational Plan for Chendebji Forest Management Unit, Trongsa Dzongkhag (Period of the plan: January 2010-December 2011)

  • Commercial/rural harvesting
  • Cable line survey and marking
  • Collection of NWFPs
  • Road maintenance
  • Monitoring(Regeneration survey, coup clearance and environmental monitoring)
  • Plantation maintenance

3. Operational Plan for Malaya Working Scheme, Zhemgang Dzongkhag (Period of the plan: January 2010-December 2011)

  • Seed collection and procurement
  • Nursery development
  • Plantation creation
  • Commercial/rural harvesting
  • Road maintenance
  • Regeneration survey
  • Cable line enumeration

4. Management Plan for Kikhar Working Scheme, Zhemgang Dzongkhag (Period of the plan: 1st October 2009-30th September 2012)

  • Road survey

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