Park Range Office – Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary



  • The main implementer of Park Management activities in the field
  • The guardian of park resources (flora and fauna
  • The main bridge between the communities and park management
  • Bridge between park management and other field sectors


  • Conduct regular patrolling and monitoring of activities within the area of jurisdiction
  • Submit monthly report of field observations
  • Allocate Park Resources as per the approval of the Department and subsequent approval from the Park Manager
  • Implement ICDP, Research, and EEA activities as per the operational plan, under the supervision of unit In-charges
  • Render help and support to the unit in-charges during their field visits
  • Coordinate activities with relevant field sectors, community leaders and the communities
  • Any activity related to forestry done by the outsiders should be informed immediately to the park management
  • Monitor the activities of visitors to the park areas and check their entry permits

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