Sections – Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Species Conservation Section (SCS).

This section aims for flora and fauna conservation in the sanctuary through implementation of the following activities:

  • Coordination and conducting of research on focal flora and fauna.
  • Protected Area zone management.
  • Address Human-wildlife conflict.
  • Coordination and management of forest fire related issues in the area.
  • Sustainable Land Management activities.
  • Management plan review (Proposal writing and fund securing).

2. Eco-tourism and Nature Recreation Section (ENRS).

This section balances between socioeconomic development and conservation activities in the sanctuary, thus plays Check and Balance Mechanism. The major activities carried by this section are as follows:

  • Monitors and Implements the ecotourism activities and facilities (campsites, home stays and Green houses) in the park.
  • Implementation and monitoring of ICDP activities.
  • Monitors and conduct the plantation activities in the park.
  • Implementation of waste management activities.

3. Park Resources Management Section (PRMS).

This section looks in the resources allocation within and periphery of the area. Major activities implemented by this section are as follows:

  • Deals in timber issuance for both commercial and rural.
  • Compilation and submission of Forestry Information Database to FIMS.
  • Compilation and submission of monthly reports to the department.
  • Assist field offices in planning and managing of NWFPs.
  • Dealing officer for G2C services.

4. Biodiversity Survey and Monitoring Section (BSMS).

BSMS section solely meant for coordinating biodiversity Survey and monitoring timely through implementation of following activities:

  • Coordinate and conduct biodiversity survey.
  • Monitoring of Protected area activities.
  • Enforcement of FNC Acts and Rules.
  • Management of GRF land allotment.
  • Issuance of Forestry clearance.
  • Anti-poaching patrolling.
  • Offence cases.

5. Social and Extension Section (SES).

The major activities carried out by the section are as listed;

  • Formation of CFMG and NWFP groups in the protected area.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the group success.
  • Securing financial supports for the groups and technical backstopping for the community.

6. Data Management Section (DMS).

This sections deals in developing strong and viable database for keeping information within the sanctuary reliable and timely. In developing information system, following activities are carried out;

  • Collection of information from sections, communities, relevant stakeholders, and field offices.
  • Compilation of field base information and data.
  • Computation of the data into system-based database.
  • Issuance of information to relevant stakeholders as and when required.


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