Sections – Nature Conservation Division

  1. Protected Areas Planning and Implementation Section
    1. Provide strategic and technical guidance for management of PA network (PA/Biological corridors BC) and those outside viz. Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), High Conservation Value Areas (HCVs).
    2. Review and provide technical support in preparation of PA management plans including those of KBAs and HCVs
    3. Protection and conservation of watershed & wetlands as natural habitats of fauna and flora.
    4. Reporting and compliance to international conventions (UNCBD, UNESCO, SAWEN, RAMSAR, IUCN)
    5. Coordination of international certifications and designations of protected areas viz. UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites, Man and Biosphere, CA|TS, Green Listing, etc)
  1. Species Conservation Section
    1. Coordinate and provide technical guidance to all activities related to protection and conservation of wild flora and fauna both inside and outside of protected areas.
    2. Develop technical regulations, guidelines and protocols related to species protection and conservation.
    3. Identify species of importance, conduct surveys and prepare conservation action plans for the target species including that of flagship species especially tiger, snow leopard and elephants.
    4. Plan and compile data on biodiversity surveys for species of importance for informed decision and policy making.
    5. Coordinate with research institutes on methods and objectives of faunal researches
    6. Provide clearance and permits for export and import of species through the CITES system and annual reporting and compliance to CITES.
  1. Bhutan Tiger Center
    1. Support implementation of conservation programs for tiger throughout the nation
  1. Integrated Conservation and Development Section
    1. Develop strategies for mitigation of human wildlife conflict management of those wildlife species that comes in conflict.
    2. Liaise with relevant stakeholders to identify and implement human-wildlife conflict mitigation measures in the country.
    3. Facilitate the conduct of awareness and sensitization program on HWC by field offices in their jurisdiction.
    4. Provide technical backstopping and skilling on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation programmes in the Department of Forests and Park Services.
    5. Care and emergency treatment of rescued wildlife at the wildlife clinic based at Taba.
    6. Secure wildlife health both in captivity and wilderness through regular surveillance of animal health, post mortem analysis, medication of injured wildlife, and controlling of feral/stray dogs.
    7. Coordinate and provide rapid response to the human wildlife conflict incidences in and around the country.
    8. Provide technical backstopping to field divisions in identifying, developing and promoting ecotourism products and facilities.
    9. Provide technical guidance and support in preparation of business plans of ecotourism products.
    10. Provide technical support in identification and securing recreational areas.
    11. Plan, prepare and provide conservation art materials through the work of taxidermy on wildlife specimen for nature interpretation and education.
    12. Promotion of sustainable livelihood program through ecotourism and nature-based recreation.
    13. Development and enforcement of standards related to ecotourism facilities and activities.


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