A batch of 64 foresters attending arms and drill training at MTC

A batch of 64 foresters joined Military Training Centre (MTC) at Tencholing, Wangdue Phodrang, to undergo a month-long arm and drill training, beginning 10th of this month. This includes 23 fresh recruits of forestry officers, 6 Rangers, 24 Foresters, and 12 drivers. 11 of them are females.  

This comes at an appropriate time when Department, coinciding with World Ranger Day this year, on July 31, introduced a revised gosa system whereby all foresters from the lowest to the highest position level adorns new and unique insignia system. 

The inaugural ceremony held yesterday started with the recitation of His Majesty’s Zhabteb. The Commandant of MTC, welcoming the participants shared about how closely the Royal Bhutan Army and forestry personnel work in discharging their duties.

In his address, Dasho Lobzang Dorji, the Director of the Department of Forests and Park Services acknowledged the unstinted support the RBA has always provided for the Department and offered his sincere gratitude to RBA headed by the Chief Operation Officer.

To the participants, he informed that with the introduction of the new gosa system, all foresters are wearing unique insignia. He said, “Foresters, as a paramilitary, it is very important to maintain a uniform code of conduct and necessary disciplines.”

The participants, over a period of a month, will be trained on proper wearing of uniform, accessories and other accoutrements, proper adornment of insignia as to ensure that the best project smart turn out and posture.  They will also get trained on drill, disciplines, and salutations, personal appearance and turn out. In addition, the trainees will also get lessons on basic handlings of arms and ammunitions.

Closely following the current batch, another batch of 23 more foresters consisting of Chief Forestry Officers, Principal Forestry Officers, and Dy. Chief Forestry Officers will begin the training from 9th November, 2020.    

This is part of regular arms and drill training as stipulated in the Forest Uniform Code, 2019 developed and adopted by the Department of Forests and Park Services.       

Submitted by: Department of Forests and Park Services