Contact Information

Official email address of SFED :
Official land line number of SFED: 323138/329268
Official fax number of SFED: 328394

Name of Section Name and Designation Landline Number Personal No. Gmail
Chief Forestry Officer Mr. Karma Jigme Temphel 323138/329268/ 327259 17119355
Agro-forestry Ms. Sonam Choden, Deputy Chief Forestry Officer 323138/329268 17560228
Community Forestry Mr. Kinley Dorji, Deputy Chief Forestry Officer 323138/329268 17610526
Non-Wood Forest Management Mrs. Sonam Peldon, Principal Forestry Officer 323138/329268 17110419
Plantation Mr. Sither Wangdi 323138/329268 17685617

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